How to fix 502 Bad Gateway Icloud error?

502 Bad Gateway Icloud

A 502 bad gateway iCloud error is not so bad as it might sound. This error code is one of the HTTP Status codes and is also a very common issue. This error code may be sometimes generated as:

  • Step : 1 HTTP 502
  • Step : 2 502 bad gateway NGINX
  • Step : 3 502 error
  • Step : 4 502 service temporarily overloaded
  • Step : 5 Error 502

This 502 bad gateway error occurs while you try to access some websites and the main reasons are:

  • Step : 1 DNS changes
  • Step : 2 The origin server might not work
  • Step : 3 The server would have failed
  • Step : 4 The server transmission is blocked by a firewall.

Troubleshooting solutions for 502 bad gateway error:

Try to refresh the page

  • Step : 1 Refreshing the page might resolve the 502 bad gateway error code. Just click on the Refresh button available on your browser window.
  • Step : 2 If not, press F5 which is an alternative option for refreshing the browser’s screen. If doing this did not resolve the problem, continue to the next solution.

Begin a new browser session or open the website on another browser

While beginning a new browser session, ensure that all the browser windows are closed. Then try it to open.

Try to restart the PC

  • Step : 1 Restarting the computer may sometimes resolve the 502 bad gateway issue.
  • Step : 2 Doing this might bring the device back to normal working state. Also, restart the networking devices such as router or modem if available.
  • Step : 3 If the 502 bad gateway iCloud error did not resolve after restarting the PC and networking devices, then move to the next step.

Try to erase all the cookies and cache from your browser

  • Step : 1 If the 502 error code was generated due to the previously visited site, then consider clearing all the cache and cookies immediately.
  • Step : 2 After clearing them, the 502 bad gateway error message should be resolved.

Try to modify your DNS server

  • Step : 1 There might be some default servers assigned by your ISP.
  • Step : 2 Try to use open DNS servers such as Google’s Public DNS.

If none of the troubleshooting solutions resolved the 502 bad gateway iCloud error message, then call us. Our technical team will guide you to resolve this error code.

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