How To Juno Email Settings?

Juno Email Settings

Juno mail is considered to be relatively safe and risk-free. It helps you perform advanced tasks and checks on new user accounts to ensure that the fake users stay away. It helps in keeping the user data secure. With Juno, you can easily send and receive emails. One of the best supported features is, you can easily write an email if you are offline. There are some advanced security measures, such as Junk Mail Filters and Sort & Delete Settings, which will help you keep out unwanted mails. With Juno email, you can avail 1GB storage space, filter emails through block-lists, and have a built-in spam filter.In this email article, you are going to read the steps on how to set up Juno email with the help of Juno email settings.

POP Server Settings (Inbound)

  • Step : 1 Incoming mail server:
  • Step : 2 Incoming server port number: 995
  • Step : 3 Encryption: SSL
Juno Email Settings

IMAP Server Settings (Inbound)

  • Step : 1 Incoming mail server:
  • Step : 2 Incoming server port number: 993
  • Step : 3 Encryption: SSL
Juno Email Settings

SMTP Server Settings (Outbound)

  • Step : 1 Outgoing mail server:
  • Step : 2 Outgoing server port number: 465
  • Step : 3 Encryption: SSL

You will now be reading the steps to configure the Juno email settings on your iPhone.

  • Step : 1 Turn on your iPhone.
  • Step : 2 Tap Settings.
  • Step : 3 Select the Add Account tab.
  • Step : 4 When the Add Account page opens, tap Other.
  • Step : 5 Select the Add Mail Account option.
  • Step : 6 You have to enter the appropriate information in the Name, Email, Password, and the Description fields.
  • Step : 7 Under the incoming mail server field, enter
  • Step : 8 Enter the email address and the password in the corresponding fields.
  • Step : 9 Navigate back to the Accounts tab.
  • Step : 10 Select the Juno email account settings option.
  • Step : 11 Enter the port information for the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server.
  • Step : 12 Tap the Finish button once done.

That is all the information you need to know about the Juno email server settings, along with the steps to configure the account on your iPhone. If you have further queries about Juno Email Settings, click the CALL button on this page to speak to our dedicated technical team.

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