How To Add Multiple Account To Protonmail?

The next-generation inbox is designed uniquely in Protonmail. The Protonmail allows you to add multiple accounts in a most simpler way. It has the ability to receive mail to an unlimited number of aliases. On this page, we've provided the concept of adding multiple accounts in Protonmail and the procedure to add multiple account to Protonmail.

Add multiple account to Protonmail

The email alias on the Protonmail allows you to create and add multiple accounts. These accounts will be merged as a single account in order to send and receive mail from the same mailbox. Every ProtonMail account with a paid subscription can create at least five email addresses with the option of adding as many as 50. 

  • On your ProtonMail, navigate to the Settings option and select Addresses.
  • Select the Add Addresses from the drop list.
  • Enter your username on the address field and choose the domain you need to add from the drop menu.
  • Choose the displayed email address.
  • Create the features to send and receive emails to this address.

You can also enable Bridge to organize all your multiple accounts. It allows you to add end-to-end encrypted ProtonMail support to the email client on your computer. 

  • Follow the steps to add additional ProtonMail accounts to Bridge.
  • In the Bridge app, click on the Add Account tab.
  • Enter your ProtonMail account credentials and click on the Add button.
  • Once you've added your accounts to the Bridge, you need to configure your email client.
  • You can now successfully access multiple accounts in your email client. We have learned how to Add multiple account to Protonmail.
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