Add Webex To Outlook

Add Webex To Outlook

The Webex application is a one-stop solution for video conferencing, webinars, and online meetings. As long as you have uninterruptible Internet access on your computer, you can meet anyone anytime via Webex. When you add Webex to your Outlook application, you can easily schedule your meetings from within the Outlook app, and you don’t need to launch the Webex application every time. If you want to know the procedure for How to Add Webex To Outlook, read this article till the end.

Steps To Add Webex To Outlook On Your Computer

  • Step :1Before adding Webex to your Outlook, ensure that you have logged in to your account with administrator privileges and your computer’s Operating System and browser meet the basic requirements.
  • Step :2If Outlook is running, close the app.
  • Step :3In your web browser, log in to your Webex account.
  • Step :4In the left navigation pane, click Downloads.
  • Step :5On the page that displays, download the Cisco Webex Productivity Tool.
  • Step :6Once the download gets concluded, install the plugin and set your preferences to connect Webex with Outlook.
  • Step :7Open the Outlook application and enable the Webex scheduler.
  • Step :8This is how you should add Webex to Outlook. If you want to add Webex to the Outlook toolbar, proceed with the following section.

How To Add Webex To The Outlook Toolbar

You can access Webex in an easier way when you add it to your Outlook toolbar. Follow these instructions for the exact procedure.

  • Step :1Launch the Outlook application and click File> Options> Add-Ins.
  • Step :2From the Manage drop-down menu, click Go> Disabled Items.
  • Step :3When the Disabled Items window appears, highlight the Cisco Webex Meetings option and click Enable.
  • Step :4Now, Webex will be added to your toolbar automatically. If not, restart the Outlook application and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Step :5If Webex is still not added to the Outlook toolbar, click Start and select Cisco Webex Meetings. Choose Desktop App> Settings> Preferences. Open Calendar, select Microsoft Outlook, and click Apply.
  • Step :6Now, you can locate Webex in the Outlook toolbar.

In case you cannot add Webex to Outlook, proceed with the following section.

Are You Unable To Add Webex To Outlook

If you cannot add Webex to your Outlook, you should check a few things, and they are listed below:

  • Step : 1 See if your Operating System and browser meet the required specifications.
  • Step : 2 If you don’t have administrator privileges, you cannot add Webex to your Outlook.
  • Step : 3 Check whether you have enabled Cisco Webex in your Outlook. If not, enable it and see if your issue gets resolved.
  • Step : 4 We hope these solutions have helped you add Webex to Outlook.

That’s it. You have successfully added Webex to your Outlook application. If you have any further questions and clarifications on How To Add WebEx To Outlook, you can reach our technical experts.

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