Airmail Email App

Airmail Email App

Airmail is one of the many email clients. It is specifically designed for iOS and Mac devices.

This article is all about the Airmail email app, its update, and the issues you might face with the app.


Check for the Airmail app update. If you are using an outdated Airmail app, there are high chances of the app crashing repeatedly. So, update the Airmail app to the latest version.

  • Step : 1 First, you need to navigate to the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Step : 2 Next, type Airmail and search for it.
  • Step : 3 Open the app details page.
  • Step : 4 Check if there is an Update option.
  • Step : 5 If an app update is found, click Update.
  • Step : 6 Wait until the update is completed.
  • Step : 7 Start using the Airmail email app.

And, that is how you update and use the Airmail email app.


Sometimes, the Airmail app may crash due to several reasons. Even if the app is not started correctly, it may crash while using it. We will tell you what is to be done if the Airmail app crashes and how to start using the app normally.

Whenever the app crashes, the first thing you need to do is close and relaunch the app. If the app doesn’t start normally for the first time, then you may face this kind of issue. So, restarting the app may help it start normally again and clear any minor glitches.

  • Step :1If you are using an iPhone, swipe up on the screen until the App Switcher appears.
  • Step :2Find the Airmail email app.
  • Step :3Tap and swipe the Airmail app up to stop it from completely running in the background.
  • Step :4You can also close the other apps on your device running in the background just to ensure that the Airmail app doesn’t crash again.
  • Step :5Relaunch Airmail or restart your iPhone and open the app again.
  • Step :6At times, the app file might be corrupted, causing the app to force stop automatically. So, you can uninstall the Airmail app and install it again. This helps to remove corrupted files and data. After installing the app, it should work as usual.
  • Step :7You can also update your device to the latest version to avoid issues in the future. An outdated or old iOS version of your device might affect some app performance. In this case, you must update the device to solve the problem.
  • Step :8Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  • Step :9Tap General --> Software Update.
  • Step :10Next, choose the Update option and wait until your device software is updated.

We hope this article is pretty much helpful to you in learning all about the Airmail email app. In case you have any queries to be answered, just call us so we can guide you better.

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