Android Gmail Not Syncing In Background

Android Gmail Not Syncing In Background

Sync issues are common ones, and they occur due to so many reasons. The best part is that there are some proven troubleshooting methods that help you resolve such issues.

How to figure out the sync error? Well, you can do that by noticing the Gmail app’s behavior.

If the Gmail Android app does one of the following, you can confirm that you’re facing the sync error with the app:

  • Step :1It is unable to send or receive new emails.
  • Step :2You can’t open or read a mail.
  • Step :3The app is slow or not responding properly.

Sync Error - Gmail Android App - Let’s Fix It

Read and execute the following troubleshooting methods to rectify the “Android Gmail not syncing in the background” issue.

Best And Quick Solution For Gmail Sync Error

Before performing the advanced method, check if your Android phone is connected to a stable internet connection. A poor or unstable internet connection leads to many issues, and it can also be the reason behind the “sync issues with the Gmail Android app.”

So, make sure that your smartphone is connected to a stable internet connection. Disable the Airplane mode on your smartphone if it is enabled.

Update The Gmail App

  • Step :1Running or using an outdated or incompatible app will lead to so many issues including sync problems.
  • Step :2Check whether the Gmail app you’re using on your Android phone is up-to-date as the first step of troubleshooting this sync error.
  • Step :3To do so, open the Google Play Store.
  • Step :4Open the Manage apps and device screen.
  • Step :5Tap on the Updates available option.
  • Step :6Locate the Gmail app and tap on it.
  • Step :7Touch the Update button if it is displayed.
  • Step :8Alternatively, tap on the Search field on the main screen of Google Play Store.
  • Step :9Type Gmail. Choose the relevant one from the suggestion list and tap Update if it is displayed.

Is the sync error unresolved even after updating the Gmail app? Try the troubleshooting method below.

Restart Your Android Smartphone

  • Step :1The restart process will help you resolve issues like hidden bugs, misbehaving apps, etc.
  • Step :2Hold down the Power button of your smartphone for a few seconds.
  • Step :3Release the button when the side navigation bar appears on your smartphone screen.
  • Step :4Tap on the Restart option.

Enable The Sync Setting

  • Step :1If the sync setting is disabled in Gmail, the app will not sync any new emails. To fix this problem, carry out the steps given below.
  • Step :2Open the Gmail app.
  • Step :3Tap Menu > Settings > “your account address.”
  • Step :4Go to the Data usage section.
  • Step :5Check whether the checkbox beside the Sync Gmail option is selected.
  • Step :6If not, tap on it.
  • Step :7Now, check whether the app is syncing.
  • Step :8No? Try the troubleshooting method below.

Configure The Phone Settings

  • Step :1The “Automatically sync data” option available on your Android phone will automatically sync apps when they receive new data.
  • Step :2Check and enable this option on your smartphone by following the instructions below.
  • Step :3Open the Settings app.
  • Step :4Locate and tap on the Users & accounts or Accounts option.
  • Step :5You can find the Automatically sync data option at the lower end of the screen.
  • Step :6Tap on the toggle button beside the option if it is not selected.

Create Some Free Space

  • Step : 1 The sync issue with the Android Gmail app also occurs when there is no enough storage space available on your smartphone.
  • Step : 2 Make some space by uninstalling unwanted or unused apps, files, etc., if necessary.

Have these troubleshooting methods not resolved the sync issue with the Android Gmail app? Then, contact us to get real-time assistance in resolving the same. Just use the Call button provided on this page to get in touch with our technical experts.

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