Aol Mail Can Not Connect To Server

Are you receiving the “Can’t connect to server” message while accessing your AOL mail account from a third-party email app? If yes, you’re not alone. Many users face this problem. The best part is that you can fix it easily and quickly. Scroll down this page to know why you receive the AOL mail can’t connect to server message and how to fix it.

Why did I receive the “Can’t connect to server” message?

When your account is unable to communicate with the third-party email app or faces a problem in communicating with the email app, the “Connection to server failed” or “Can’t connect to server” message will be displayed on the screen.In short, this message indicates the “communication” problem with the email app server and your account. Continue reading this page to know how to fix the “AOL mail can’t connect to server” issue.

Checking the connection status

  • Step : 1 In most cases, these kinds of problems occur due to no or unstable internet connection.
  • Step : 2 So, as the first step of fixing the “can’t connect to server” issue, check whether your hand-held device or computer (on which you’re trying to access the account) has got a stable internet connection.
  • Step : 3 If not, get a proper connection now and then access the account.

Using correct server settings

  • Step :1The second main cause of this issue is using incorrect server settings.
  • Step :2Check whether your AOL mail account’s server settings are entered correctly in the third-party email app.
  • Step :3If not, enter them correctly.
  • Step :4To check the email server settings on your smartphone, follow the instructions below:
  • Step :5Sign in to your AOL mail account if necessary.
  • Step :6Tap the MANUAL SETUP option followed by POP3 or IMAP.
  • Aol Mail Can Not Connect To Server
    Aol Mail Can Not Connect To Server
  • Step :7Select the Security Type option on the opened screen.
  • Aol Mail Can Not Connect To Server
  • Step :8Check the email server settings and modify them if necessary.

If you’re facing the “AOL Mail can’t connect to server” issue on your smartphone, try the simple and quick troubleshooting methods given below.

Reconfigure your account

  • Step :1Re-add your AOL account from the third-party app. Use the Manual method to re-add the account.
  • Step :2Enter your account’s address and server settings correctly in the given fields.
  • Step :3Create an app-specific password if you’ve configured the two-step verification on your account.

Update the third-party email app

  • Step :1Sometimes, using an outdated email app can also cause these kinds of problems.
  • Step :2Check and update the third-party email app you’re using on your smartphone.
  • Step :3After updating the app, try to send a test email to check whether the issue is resolved.

Contact us if the “AOL mail can’t connect to the server” issue persists even after performing the above troubleshooting methods.

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