AOL Mail Not Working On Windows 10

AOL Mail Not Working On Windows 10

AOL is one of the popular email services. You can access AOL emails from a web browser or an email client.

Your AOL email account configured in the Windows 10 Mail application may not work if you have upgraded your OS or due to some other reasons. You can resolve it using the following simple steps.

Solution 1 - Use a different email client

  • Step : 1The problem might be with the Windows 10 Mail client. So, try to use a different email client to access the AOL email account.
  • Step : 2You can try the Mailbird email client that will help to manage all your AOL emails with ease.

Solution 2 - Re-add the AOL email account

  • Step : 1On your Windows 10 computer, open the Mail application.
  • Step : 2Click the Settings icon.
  • Step : 3Navigate to Manage Accounts.
  • Step : 4Choose the AOL email account and click the Delete account option to delete it.
  • Step : 5Add the AOL email account again and check if the AOL mail is working.

Solution 3 - Check if the server settings are correct

  • Step : 1In the Mail application, navigate to Settings -> Manage accounts.
  • Step : 2Select the AOL email account.
  • Step : 3Click the Change mailbox sync settings option.
  • Step : 4Check if the server settings are correct as given below.
  • Step : 5User name -
  • Step : 6IMAP server name -
  • Step : 7IMAP Port - 143 (standard) or 993 (SSL)
  • Step : 8SMTP server name -
  • Step : 9SMTP port - 587
  • Step : 10Password - Your AOL email account password
  • Step : 11Note: It is better to use IMAP to sync AOL emails with the Windows 10 Mail app.

Solution 4 - Enable privacy settings

  • Step : 1Launch Settings on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Step : 2Select the Privacy option.
  • Step : 3Click the Calendar tab in the left panel. 
  • Step : 4In the main panel, navigate to the Let apps access my calendar field. Click the toggle switch to turn on Calendar.
  • Step : 5Open Mail and navigate to Settings.
  • Step : 6Click Account Settings and select the AOL email account.
  • Step : 7Go to Sync Settings and customize them.
  • Step : 8Still, if the AOL mail is not working, proceed with the next solution.

Solution 5 - Disable your antivirus program

  • Step : 1Your antivirus program might conflict with the AOL email account. 
  • Step : 2Try to disable the antivirus. If needed, remove it from the computer.
  • Step : 3You don't have to worry about system safety since you have Windows Defender.

Solution 6 - Run the troubleshooter

  • Step : 1To launch Settings, hold the Win and I keys at the same time.
  • Step : 2Click the Update & Security option.
  • Step : 3Go to Troubleshoot in the left pane.
  • Step : 4In the main panel, go to Windows Store Apps and click the Run the troubleshooter button.
  • Step : 5Proceed with the steps on the screen to finish troubleshooting.

Solution 7 - Disable proxy settings

  • Step : 1Click the Network & Internet option on the Settings screen.
  • Step : 2Navigate to the Proxy tab in the left panel.
  • Step : 3In the main panel, go to the Automatic Proxy setup section.
  • Step : 4Turn off the toggle switch beside the following options.
  • Step : 5Automatically detect settings
  • Step : 6Use setup script
  • Step : 7If you have any doubts in resolving the AOL mail problem on Windows 10, get assistance from our technical experts.
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