Fix: Aol Not Working With Outlook

If your AOL mail account is not working or responding properly while using it through the third-party e-mail client Outlook, then scroll down this page to know how to resolve it.

Simple methods to resolve the “Aol Not Working With Outlook” issue

Method 1: Update your AOL account settings

AOL Mail releases regular updates to make your e-mailing experience secure, easy, and simple. So, if you encounter this issue with your account after updating AOL Mail, then check whether your AOL e-mail account settings are configured correctly in Outlook. If not, update them. To do so, follow the below instructions.

  • Open the Outlook application installed on your computer.
  • Go to the File menu.
  • Choose the Account Settings option, followed by Account Settings. Click on the E-mail tab and choose your AOL Mail account, followed by Change.
  • Now, a dialog box titled POP and IMAP Account Settings will open.
  • In the opened box, click on the More Settings button.
  • Go to the Outgoing Server tab.
  • Now, check whether your account’s SMTP and IMAP (or POP3) settings are configured correctly.
  • If not, correct them and click Save.

Method 2: Use an app-password

If you have configured the 2-step verification for your AOL Mail account, then generate an app password and use it. To do so, carry out the simple instructions given below.

  • Go to your AOL Mail account’s security page.
  • Locate the option named Manage app passwords or Generate app password and click on it.
  • Aol Not Working With Outlook
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Outlook application.
  • Click on the Generate button.
  • Aol Not Working With Outlook
  • Create the password by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After creating the app password for your account, try to sign in to your AOL Mail account through Outlook using the created password.

Method 3: Update your password

If your AOL Mail account is not working with Outlook after changing your account password, then check whether you have updated the password in Outlook. Update the password by following the below instructions if you haven’t done it yet.

  • Launch the Outlook application.
  • Go to the Account Settings or E-mail Accounts section.
  • Choose your AOL Mail account.
  • Update the new password of your account by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After updating the password, check if the issue is resolved.

Method 4: Update the Outlook e-mail client

If the Outlook application you’re using is outdated, update it, and then check whether the “AOL not working with Outlook” issue is resolved.

By default, the Outlook application will automatically install the latest updates. You can change the automatic update setting on the Outlook Account Settings screen. To update the Outlook application manually, perform the simple steps given below.

  • Click on the File menu on the main screen of the Outlook application.
  • Select the Office Account option, followed by Update Options.
  • Click on the Update Now button.
  • Aol Not Working With Outlook
  • Now, the update process will be initiated if available.

If none of the above methods resolve the Aol Not Working With Outlook issue, contact us by clicking the Call button provided on this page.

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