How To Fix Apple Carplay Not Working?

Apple Carplay Not Working

Is your Apple CarPlay not working properly? If yes, then don’t get panic. This website hosts effective solutions to resolve the issue in quick time. Sometimes it might become quite difficult to connect the iPhone to CarPlay. Also, the Apple CarPlay might not work properly after an iOS update as well. So, check for any recent updates on your device. Try the troubleshooting instructions given below.

Steps to resolve the CarPlay not working issue:

  • Step : 1 Check whether the Country/Region supports CarPlay.
  • Step : 2 Check if the car supports CarPlay.
  • Step : 3 Confirm that your iPhone is updated. If it is updated, then continue with these instructions.

Verify the connection to your CarPlay stereo:

  • Step : 1 For wired connection, establish the connection again with a different USB cable to a different USB port.
  • Step : 2 For wireless connection, check if the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled under Settings -> Wi-Fi and Settings -> Bluetooth.
  • Step : 3 If the CarPlay is not activated, search for the CarPlay logo on the car’s display.
  • Step : 4 Try to restart the CarPlay and your iPhone.
  • Step : 5 Confirm that Siri is ON.
  • Step : 6 If CarPlay does not detect your iPhone, check if there are any restrictions applied to CarPlay. To check that, select Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions. Then choose Allowed Apps and check if CarPlay is enabled.
  • Step : 7 Open Settings -> General -> CarPlay -> choose your car. Then select Forget this Car. After some time, set up CarPlay once again.
  • Step : 8 Ensure that CarPlay is running on updated firmware. Refer to the car’s user manual for more details regarding this.
  • Step : 9 If the Apple CarPlay not working issue continues after trying all the above solutions, contact our technical team and troubleshoot the problem.
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