B2b Lead Nurturing Email Examples

B2b Lead Nurturing Email Examples

Searching for some B2B lead nurturing email examples? If yes, you’re on the right page.

Running a successful business without happy customers is impossible. Developing and maintaining a proper relationship with the customers is crucial to improve your business, build trust among people, and maintain a connection with them.

You can use the B2B lead nurturing emails for all of the above. There are many advantages of using such emails. However, to get more benefits from them, you need to use the most effective B2B lead nurturing strategies like Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Retargeting, etc.

Now, let's see some B2B lead nurturing email examples that you can use to improve your business.

Five B2b Lead Nurturing Email Examples

Here are the five best B2B lead nurturing email examples that you can implement for your business growth.

Drift Email

Drift Email is the world’s first conversational email marketing software. It includes everything that you’re looking for in a marking software. The important thing is that this tool offers real-time messaging, smart filters, auto-reply, dynamic sending, etc.

The Company In Two Different Ways

The email message generated or sent by Drift Email includes a simple and easy-to-understand text message with a list of the most popular reads on their website. No links or banner is attached. Instead, the links and icons showing the number of views of each post are included.

This email sequence brings benefits to the company in two different ways. Firstly, it helps the company build trust with its customers. Secondly, it helps drive more users to the company’s blog posts.

Evernote’s Email

Evernote Email is quite similar to traditional emails. It enables the user to bookmark and save the links (that are attached with the email) for later use. Users will receive Evernote’s Welcome Email when he/she requests to sign up for Evernote.

This email message also includes a link to download the Evernote software.

Link To Download The Evernote Software

Groove’s Onboarding Campaign

Running a small business? If yes, try “Groove.” It is one of the customer support and helpdesk software that provides solutions for all queries related to small businesses. It helps you earn more customers with a single/simple email.

The Groove Onboarding Campaign

The Groove Onboarding Campaign’s Welcome email sequence pre-inform the customer about what is coming next. It will also help companies turn their trial customers into paid users (if they use it properly).

Headspace’s Survey

If you’ve been in the B2B field for long, you might know the value of surveys. Conducting surveys is very important to develop your business leads and earn more customers.

To conduct your survey easily and quickly, you can try the “Headspace’s Survey” platform that uses emails to conduct the survey. The interesting fact is that this platform doesn’t use the traditional email method. Instead, it tries to grab customer attention by using a specific combination of color palettes.

It also adds questions that engage the customer in completing the survey.

Netflix’s Re-subscription Campaign

Netflix started losing its customers last year. However, this popular entertainment platform tried an effective way to win customers back through the re-engagement or win-back campaign.

Reactivate The Subscription

Netflix added a button called “RESTART MEMBERSHIP” or “REACTIVATE THE SUBSCRIPTION” in the “Subscription Cancellation Confirmation” message sent to its users. This button helps the users to restart their subscription if they change their minds by any chance. Netflix also sends emails, including a list of trending shows that are streaming on its platform to grab customers’ attention.

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