How To Fix Bellsouth Email Problems?

AT&T provides an email service known as BellSouth to its users. BellSouth is a popular webmail service that can also be accessed from third-party email clients. Although the email service is smooth, users have been reporting issues. Continue reading to know more about BellSouth email problems.

Bellsouth Email Problems

Common causes of the email problems:

1. Authentication and login error 

  • The error occurs when you enter the incorrect username and password.
  • In case you are logging in from an email client, the error appears when the app is denied access.

2. Incorrect mail server configuration

  • When you find that you are not receiving emails and are not able to send emails from your account, the server configuration might be incorrect.
  • Check if you have given the correct port numbers and server address.

3. The email server is down

  • High traffic in the server can create a block and slow down the server function.
  • When the server is down, you cannot send or receive the emails.

4. Email client application

If you are using an outdated email client app, the emails may not sync on your email account.

Fix the email problems using the solutions:

Solution-1: Check the server settings

  • Open your email account on the email client and go to the More settings.
  • Choose Manual setup to configure the mail server.
  • Following that, select the account type; POP or IMAP.
  • Verify the necessary incoming and outgoing email server information such as the server address, port numbers, and authentication setting. 
  • Make sure the configuration is correct and save the settings.

Solution-2: Try logging from web/another client

  • Sometimes, your email client application might be the reason.
  • Add your BellSouth email account to a different email client and try sending an email.
  • If the Bellsouth email problems persists, try logging in to your email account on the web.
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