Can iPhones Get Viruses From Email?

Can iPhones Get Viruses From Email

Most of us have this question in our mind, “Can iPhones get viruses from Email?”. iPhones are highly secure, which is a known fact. Yet, there are certain possibilities where viruses can enter into the device through apps or email. Everyone’s idea of the iPhone is that it is entirely immune to malware (malicious attacks). Even iPhones get malwares when they are jailbroken. Protect your iPhone from other threats by taking sensible precautions.

For instance, your device might encounter phishing attacks more than iOS malware. Be careful while opening an email on your iPhone. Avoid opening junk mails, which could result in letting the virus into your iPhone. Do not open the email links that look suspicious. Even if you have opened some spam email on your mobile mistakenly, do not click any of the links given inside it. Lets quickly see things that indicate the presence of viruses in the iPhone.

To check if your iPhone has a virus:

These are the possible signs that indicate whether your iPhone is infected with malware, a virus or some other threat.

  • Step : 1Encounter system warning frequently.
  • Step : 2Advertisements popping-up often
  • Step : 3Apps crashing
  • Step : 4Incline in the mobile data usage

If you encounter these issues, then it might indicate the presence of a bug that requires to be deleted or updated. Sometimes, your phone might run out of memory space or the battery needs replacement. All these indicate the presence of a virus.

How to maintain your iPhone free from malicious attacks?

  • Step : 1Ensure your iPhone is not jailbroken.
  • Step : 2Check if there are any unrecognized apps installed on your iPhone.
  • Step : 3Check whether the apps on your iPhone are crashing continuously.
  • Step : 4See if your mobile data usage is inclined.
  • Step : 5Check if there are any pop-ups appearing while your browser is closed.
  • Step : 6Check whether the phone is getting overheated or the battery is drained quickly.
  • Step : 7Follow the steps to know can iPhones get viruses from email.

Removing a virus from your iPhone

If you have recognized the presence of a virus and need to remove it manually, follow these instructions.

  • Step : 1Clear all the unrecognized apps on your iPhone.
  • Step : 2Delete the data and history on your mobile.
  • Step : 3Try to power off and restart your device.
  • Step : 4Try restoring the iPhone from a previous backup.
  • Step : 5Restore factory settings in your device.

Steps to protect iPhone from malware attacks

  • Step : 1Download the apps only from the App Store to avoid the malware attacks on your iPhone.
  • Step : 2Download and install the best antivirus software for your device.
  • Step : 3Check for reviews before downloading an app and ensure there are millions of downloads.
  • Step : 4Analyze the permissions requested by the app while installing it. If they sound suspicious, then remove the app from the iPhone.
  • Step : 5Avoid clicking the unverified links. Ensure apps and the OS of your iPhone are updated.
  • Step : 6Doing this lets your device stay updated with Apple’s latest security features.
  • Step : 7Never use free Wi-Fi while doing online shopping or banking functions.
  • Step : 8By using the above steps to know can iPhones get viruses from email.
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