How To Change Icloud Email Password?

Change Icloud Email Password

Your iCloud email password is the first line of security to protect your iCloud email from unauthorized access. In case you feel you have a weak password, you can replace it with a strong password. To know how to change iCloud email password, follow these steps.

  • Step : 1 On your Mac, close all the running apps and open the default browser.
  • Step : 2 Verify and ensure that you have an active Internet connection.
  • Step : 3 Navigate to the official Apple ID page.
  • Step : 4 Enter the Apple ID email address in the required field and click the right arrow icon.
  • Step : 5 Input your current password in the text field to log in to your account.
  • Step : 6 Once you have successfully logged in to your iCloud email account, go to the Security section.
  • Step : 7 Locate and click the Change Password link in the Security section.
  • Step : 8 In the Current password field, enter the existing password of your iCloud email.
  • Step : 9 Type a strong password for your iCloud email in the New password and Confirm password fields. In fact, Apple suggests changing the iCloud email password with a strong password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Step : 10 A strong password is a passphrase that nobody can guess. These are the characteristics a strong password will have:
  • Step : 11 Truly random
  • Step : 12 Not more than 17 characters
  • Step : 13 Unique for each online account
  • Step : 14 Changed every three months
  • Step : While entering a strong password, you should avoid using common word + number format, shorthand and substitutions (@ for the letter a), and publicly available personal information.
  • Step : 15 Make sure your password has:
  • Step : 16 Eight or more characters
  • Step : 17 Upper & lowercase letters
  • Step : 18 At least one number
  • Step : 19 The password must be an alpha-numeric to be a strong password.
  • Step : 20 After the password confirmation, click the Change Password button to change your iCloud email password.
  • Step : 21 Once you have changed your email password, update it on the devices using your Apple ID such as iPhone, Mac, and laptops. Now we have learned how to Change Icloud Email Password.
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