How To Check Email Validity?

Check Email Validity

Fake mails are definitely a threat, and receiving too many of them is annoying. You have so many options to filter out the emails you receive, for that you need to know whether an email address is valid, proceed with the steps that are given below to check email validity.

  • Step : 1 First, compose an email message and type the email address you want to check in the recipient field. Then, send the email message.
  • Step : 2 If the email address is valid, the message will be delivered to the recipient.
  • Step : 3 Otherwise, you get a message reading, ‘There was problem delivering your message.’ If the email address is not found, you will receive an email showing ‘Your message was not delivered.
  • Step : 4 You can use the IP address of the sender to find whether it is a valid email address.
  • Step : 5 When you receive an email message, open the email. The IP address is usually hidden in the received message. 
  • Step : 6 Select the option to view the source of the message and locate the IP address in the Received from section.
  • Step : 7 Now, copy the IP address and paste it in a third-party IP address locator tool.
  • Step : 8 You can view the location of the IP address if it is a valid email.
  • Step : 9 There are lots of third-party email checkers online.
  • Step : 10 You can go to the trusted third-party website and type the email address you want to check in the appropriate section. Then, click on the Check button.
  • Step : 11 With the help of the email checker, you can identify duplicate email addresses and block them right away.

If you having any further queries regarding to check email validity. Click the call button available on the screen.

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