How This Connect To Smtp Gmail Com Network Is Unreachable?

While using the Gmail outgoing server, you may encounter unexpected errors. Due to this, you may not be able to send any emails. One such error is the 'connect to network unreachable' error. This error is related to the gmails Outgoing server. Follow any of the methods to troubleshoot Connect To Smtp Gmail Com Network Is Unreachable error.


Method 1: Enabling less secure applications

While using Gmail, sometimes you may not be able to send an email from email clients if the Allow less secure apps: ON option is not enabled in your Google account. To enable it, follow the steps below.

  • Step : 1 Open a web browser and log in to your Google user account.
  • Step : 2 Under the Sign-in & security option and scroll down the page.
  • Step : 3 The last option will be 'Allow less secure apps: ON.'
  • Step : 4 Enable the toggle button near the option to enable the less secure applications to send emails.

Method 2: Ping the smtp server from the terminal.

There may be connectivity issues between the Gmail smtp server and your server. So to check this, open the terminal on your computer and try to ping using the telnet command. Also, check the internet connection on your server as well. If the internet is not fine, then you may not be able to connect to the Gmail server as well.

Method 3: Firewall blocking the ports.

The Gmail outgoing server uses the default port 25. But in some cases. The firewall on your computer may block port 25 as it is insecure. So it is better to check whether your firewall is blocking the port or not. To enable a port in the Windows firewall, follow the below steps.

  • Step : 1 Click the start or Windows icon on your Windows computer.
  • Step : 2 Search for Windows Firewall and open it.
  • Step : 3 On Windows Firewall, click the Advanced Settings option.
  • Step : 4 Then, select the Inbound Rules option from the left-hand side of your window.
  • Step : 5 Then, click the New Rule.. option.
  • Step : 6 Select the radio button near the Port option and click Next.
  • Step : 7 Select the protocol type, either TCP or UDP, and then Specific local ports.
  • Step : 8 Enter the port number you want to unblock and click the Next button.
  • Step : 9 To allow the port, select the 'Allow the connection' option and click Next.
  • Step : 10 Type a name for the service and click the Finish button.
  • Step : 11 By Utilizing these steps we can connect to smtp Gmail Com network is unreachable.

Method 4: Try the alternate SMTP ports.

Sometimes, the default port for the Gmail smtp outgoing server will be blocked. In such cases, try using the other ports of the smtp server. Try to connect to the Gmail outgoing server from the terminal on your computer using the telnet command. While connecting, try using the ports 587 and 465, which are the secure ports for Gmail outgoing server.

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