How to Create A New Hotmail Account?

Create A New Hotmail Account

To know how to create a new Hotmail account, proceed with the step-by-step guidelines provided on this web page.

  • Step : 1 On your computer that has an active internet connection, go to the default web browser and visit the official Microsoft Outlook website.
  • Step : 2 Click the Create Account button at the upper-right corner of the web browser.
  • Step : 3 When the Create Account dialog window opens, type a new email address in the New Email field.
  • Step : 4 Make sure to choose from the New Email drop-down menu.
  • Step : 5 Enter a new Hotmail account password in the Create Password field.
  • Step : 6 If necessary, select the checkbox next to the ‘Send me promotional emails from Microsoft’ option.
  • Step : 7 Select the Next option in the Create Account window.
  • Step : 8 Now, you will see the Add Details window on the screen.
  • Step : 9 Provide your name in the First Name and Last Name fields and then click the Next option.
  • Step : 10 Select the United States option from the Country or Region drop-down menu.
  • Step : 11 Go to the Birthdate section, select your birth month from the Month drop-down menu, and choose your birth date from the Date drop-down list.
  • Step : 12 Choose the correct birth year from the Year drop-down menu and click the Next option in the Add Details drop-down menu.
  • Step : 13 Check if your country is selected from the Country Code drop-down menu.
  • Step : 14 Type your phone number in the Phone Number field and click the Send Code option.
  • Step : 15 Now, the code will be sent to the specified phone number as a text message.
  • Step : 16 Type the code correctly in the ‘Enter the access code’ field and click the Next option.
  • Step : 17 This will create the Hotmail account.
  • Step : 18 Navigate to the Next tab on the web browser and visit the Hotmail account web page.
  • Step : 19 Type your Hotmail account’s email address and password and click the Sign In button.
  • Step : 20 You can access your Hotmail account from the web browser.
  • Step : 21 By using these steps we can execute that how to create a new hotmail account.
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