How To Create Gmail Alias?

Gmail is one of the widely used e-mail services that offer more advanced features to its users. Alias is a feature that helps you to create a secondary e-mail account for your primary account. You can create Gmail alias using two methods --- temporary and permanent.

Create Gmail Alias

Temporary method

  • Step : 1 In this method, your main e-mail account will be modified with some special characters.
  • Step : 2 Nowadays, to access a specific website or page, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address. Most of these sites are not reliable. But, to access the content provided on these websites, you have to enter an e-mail address.
  • Step : 3 In this case, you can create a temporary Gmail alias account and use it. 
  • Step : 4 Note: The modified e-mail account is also recognized as your original Gmail account.
  • Step : 5 When you are prompted to enter your email address to access the website, add or insert a period into your original Gmail email address.
  • Step : 6 For example, if your Gmail account address is, then enter it as
  • Step : 7 You can insert the “.” period anywhere in the address as in,, etc.
  • Step : 8 You can also use the plus sign to create the temporary Gmail alias account like in
  • Step : 9 The benefit of creating the temporary Gmail alias account is, if required, you can plus that block your main e-mail storage getting full.
  • Step : 10 To create filers for a temporary Gmail alias account, follow the instructions given below to create Gmail alias.
  • Step : 11 Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Step : 12 Click the More icon.
  • Step : 13 In the To field, type the temporary Gmail alias account address and click the Create filter button.
  • Step : 14 Set the filter preferences as per your desire.
  • Step : 15 Click the Create filter button.

Permanent method

  • Step 1: This method is more useful for the one who has multiple accounts. 
  • Step 2: To perform this method, follow the instructions given below.
  • Step 3: Consider you have two Gmail accounts: and
  • Step 4: Now, sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Step 5: Click Settings > Accounts and Import > Add a mail account.
  • Step 6: Now, enter the e-mail address that you wish to use as an alias account in the given field.
  • Step 7: Let us assume that you have entered as your alias email address.
  • Step 8: Click the Next button followed by Next.
  • Step 9: If prompted, type the password of the e-mail address (alias).
  • Step 10: Click the Add Account button.
  • Step 11: Now, the entered e-mail address will act as an alias account.
  • Step 12: To configure the alias account to send mails using your original Gmail account, follow the instructions given below to create gmail alias.
  • Step 13: Check if the Yes, I want to be able to send mail as “” option is selected.
  • Step 14: If not, select it and click the Next button.
  • Step 15: Make sure that the Treat as an alias checkbox is selected.
  • Step 16: Click the Next Step button followed by Send Verification.
  • Step 17: Now, on your main e-mail account, open the confirmation e-mail message received from Google.
  • Step 18: On the confirmation e-mail message, you can find the verification link. Click on it.
  • Step 19: Perform the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Step 20: Finally, click the Confirm button.
  • Step 21: If you need a remote assistance to create Gmail alias, Click the call button available on the screen.
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