Delegated Mailbox Not Showing Up In Outlook

Delegated Mailbox Not Showing Up In Outlook

“Is the Delegated Mailbox not showing up in Outlook?” Well, this problem is faced and resolved by many users like you.

Microsoft's Outlook is one of the best email clients that come with cool features. It makes your mailing job easy and quick. However, people face some common issues with this email client frequently.

The “Delegated Mailbox not showing up in Outlook” problem occurs if:

  • Step :1Your administrator has failed to provide you with the proper permissions to access the Mailbox.
  • Step :2The Outlook client is facing an error.

Resolving “delegated Mailbox Not Showing Up”

Quick Solution

Before performing the advanced troubleshooting solution, wait for a while.


Generally, after your administrator provides you permission to access Mailbox, it can take up to 24 hours for the Mailbox to show up on your Outlook Desktop application screen. So, if your administrator has recently provided the access, wait for 24 hours.

If the Delegated Mailbox doesn’t show up in Outlook even after 24 hours, restart the application (Outlook). If the restart doesn’t resolve the problem, try the advanced troubleshooting method given below.

Advanced Troubleshooting Method

Request The Administrator

Suppose your administrator has provided access to the default folders like inbox, contacts, etc., you can’t view or access the Shared or Delegated Mailbox of the account on your Outlook application. Request the administrator to provide you the Folder Permission access to resolve this problem.

If you’re an administrator, follow the instructions below to provide the Delegated Mailbox access to your user.

  • Step :1Open Outlook on your computer if it is closed.
  • Step :2Locate your account address and right-click on it.
  • Step :3Choose the Folder Permissions option from the Context menu.
  • Choose The Folder Permissions Option
  • Step :4Now, your account’s Properties dialog box will open.
  • Step :5Click on the Permissions tab in the opened dialog box.
  • Step :6Choose the user address for which you wish to provide the Delegated Mailbox access and click Add.
  • Step :7Go to the Permissions section in the same dialog box.
  • Step :8Choose the permission level correctly from the Permission Level drop-down menu.
  • Step :9Now, locate the Folder visible option under the Other sub-section of the Permission section and click the checkbox beside it.
  • Step :10Finally, click the Apply button followed by OK.

Now, if you’re a receiver, add the folder to your Outlook account to fix this problem. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Step :1Open the File menu on the Outlook application.
  • Step :2Select Account Settings > Account Settings > Exchange Account > Change > More Settings.
  • Step :3Now, the Microsoft Exchange dialog box will open.
  • Step :4Click Advanced > Add.
  • Step :5Type the delegated mailbox address in the field under the Open these additional mailboxes section.
  • Step :6Finally, click Apply > OK.
  • Finally Click Apply

Now, check if the delegated Mailbox is showing up in Outlook. If not, perform the next method.

Troubleshooting Outlook (receiver)

  • Step : 1 Open the File screen on your Outlook application.
  • Step : 2 Click Options > Advanced.
  • Step : 3 Go to the Other section.
  • Step : 4 Locate the “Enable troubleshooting logging…” option and click the checkbox button beside it.
  • Step : 5 Click OK.
  • Enable Troubleshooting Logging Option

Now, check if the mailbox problem is resolved. Contact our technical team if the delegated Mailbox is not showing up in Outlook again.

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