How To Delete GMX email account?

The GMX account includes a Mail Collector, Address Book, Organizer, and File storage and sharing. It protects the user data from viruses and spam. GMX automatically deactivates any unsafe links or messages, detects ransomware, and encrypts data on your account. The free access email service makes your daily task uncomplicated. Let us see how to Delete GMX email account.

Delete GMX email account

If you have an unused GMX account that is not deleted, it may cause a huge problem. The risk of leaving your account unused is that your account could be compromised if an unauthorized person gets hold of your credentials. Before deleting your GMX email account, make sure that your most essential and prioritized emails are safeguarded.


Follow the steps specified on this page to delete your GMX email account:

  • On your computer, log in to your GMX account and navigate to Home, followed by My Account.
  • Find and select the Delete Account tab on the left pane.
  • It will display a final warning that deleting your GMX account will delete all of your data, including email messages, contacts, and files, permanently. There won’t be a way to retrieve your GMX email account later. Click on Delete GMX Account to continue.
  • Enter your GMX account password in the field, click on the Yes button, and confirm your selection.
  • Select the Save Changes tab and complete the process.
  • Your GMX email account is successfully deleted.
  • A notification will prompt on your screen saying that your GMX account has been deleted. After this, you will be forced to logout, and now your GMX email credentials won’t work anymore. 

Your GMX email account will be automatically removed by deleting your GMX account. For security purposes, your GMX email account will be blocked for one year. Now we have seen how to Delete GMX email account. 

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