Download Protonmail App On Windows 10

Download Protonmail App On Windows 10

ProtonMail is one of the best encrypted email services, with over 2 million active users. Using the ProtonMail email app, you can access end-to-end encrypted email communication on your Android phone. ProtonMail helps to provide users with a modern user interface along with some innovative features.


As of now, there is no official release of the ProtonMail app for Microsoft Windows 10. But, there is an option called ProtonMail Bridge that can be quite useful.

With the ProtonMail Bridge, you can use the encrypted mail with any available email client. The ProtonMail Bridge is available for Mac and Linux OS as well. Let us see how to Download Protonmail App On Windows 10.

The steps to download the ProtonMail Bridge to your Windows 10 computer are as follows:

  • Step : 1 Open the internet browser on your computer.
  • Step : 2 Click the address bar, enter the URL
  • Step : 3 Scroll down the page, then click the Download button for Bridge for Windows.
  • Step : 4 Open the ProtonMail Bridge app.
  • Step : 5 Add your email account and other information (IMAP/SMTP Configuration) to complete the setup.
  • Step : 6 Later, configure your email account in your email client.

Now, if you badly want to use the ProtonMail app for your Windows 10 computer, it can only be done with the help of Android emulators. When it comes to emulators for Android, BlueStacks is the most commonly used one.

Here are the steps to download BlueStacks.

  • Step : 1 Turn on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Step : 2 Open the default browser.
  • Step : 3 Go to the official site of BlueStacks and click the Download button.
  • Step : 4 Click on the .exe file and complete the installation.

Now, to download the ProtonMail app:

  • Step : 1 Sign in to BlueStacks using your Google Account.
  • Step : 2 Open the Google Play Store in BlueStacks.
  • Step : 3 In the search bar, type ProtonMail and press the Enter button.
  • Step : 4 Click on the Install button.
  • Step : 5 Once the ProtonMail app is installed in the BlueStacks emulator, launch the app and configure your ProtonMail account.
  • Step : 6 Now, you know how to Download Protonmail App On Windows 10.
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