[FIX] Em Client Attachments Stuck In Outbox - 3 Easy Way

Fix: Em Client Attachments Stuck In Outbox 

eM Client is a capable and elegant email client that many people use these days. However, there are some difficulties the users face while using eM Client. One of the common problems that users recently report is that their “eM Client attachments stuck in the Outbox.” This issue may be caused due to several reasons. It does not pop up with emails without attachments.

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Reasons behind the issue:

  • Step : 1 You might have attached a file of huge size to your email.
  • Step : 2 There could have been a timeout on the server.
  • Step : 3 Many Microsoft Exchange users (when they use their accounts with eM Client) seem to encounter this problem.
  • Step : 4 The eM Client version you are using might be outdated.
Em Client Attachments Stuck In Outbox

In most cases, after clicking on the Send button on the email, it gets sent to the recipient, but you can see that email stuck in the Outbox folder. In other words, after sending the email, you can see it both in the Sent and the Outbox folders.

In certain other cases, when the user attempts to send an email, he/she comes across the following error message on the screen:

“An error occurred.

Cannot send message. (‘From’ field address ‘-----’ not accepted due to…

“mf-301: Sender address ratelimited”)

In the above scenario also, the email sits in the Outbox and cannot be sent to the recipient. The term “ratelimited” indicates that you have exceeded the number of emails you can send on a day/hour.

To fix the “eM Client attachments getting stuck in the Outbox” issue, try the techniques given here:

Troubleshooting Methods:

Method 1: Check the attachment size


Step : 1 First, check the size of the attachment you have sent with your email. In many cases, if the attached file is too large, then your email will remain in the Outbox. See if you can reduce the size of the attached file. Now, try sending the email again.

If the issue persists, move on to the next method.

Method 2: Ensure that you have the latest version


If you have an outdated eM Client program, that might very well be the reason behind the “eM Client attachments getting stuck in the Outbox” issue.

Therefore, update eM Client to the latest version and check whether your email leaves the Outbox. If you find that the problem persists, move on to the next method.

Method 3: Try making an exception on your firewall


The problem might occur because of the firewall or antivirus on your system. Try making an exception for eM Client on your firewall and antivirus. This step should help you fix the “Em Client Attachments Stuck In Outbox issue".

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