Fix: Em Client Calendar Not Working

Em Client Calendar Not Working

If you are using eM Client, you might have come across one issue or the other with your Calendar or Contacts. One of the common problems that a user faces with this email client is that the “eM Client calendar is not working.” This issue is represented by many other indications among the users. For instance, when a user updates something in his/her Google calendar, it is not getting reflected in the eM Client calendar and vice versa.

In some other cases, when a person is using a shared calendar in eM Client, the automatic updating of that calendar is not happening. That person needs to manually update the eM Client shared calendar.

So, let’s discuss how to fix Em Client Calendar Not Working issue.

Problem 1: Entry in Google calendar not reflected in eM Client calendar

  • Step : 1 On eM Client, follow this path: Menu->Tools->Accounts.
  • Em Client Calendar Not Working
  • Step : 2 Check if the Calendar feature is enabled. If yes, then let it remain like that. If not, turn it on now and continue to fix the eM Client calendar is not working issue.
  • Step : 3 Now, try adding calendar entries to eM Client. Go to the MAIL section (at the top-left) and click on the Refresh button (located above Mail).
  • Step : 4 The entry you made in eM Client should get updated in your Google calendar also.
  • Step : 5 The items in Google will be updated on a cycle set on your eM Client. So, when you click on the Refresh button, it will push the update to Google faster than usual.

Problem 2: Problems with eM Client version 7

Many users have found that after they update to version 7 of eM Client, the automatic syncing of the Calendar and the Contacts fails to work. In this case, users are recommended to sync their shared calendars manually. Some users have found that simply clicking on the Refresh button on the Calendar page has fixed the eM Client calendar not working problem for them.

Em Client Calendar Not Working

There is another method that could help the users. Try setting a reminder that will prompt you to manually update the calendar at regular intervals. For instance, you can set the reminder to 30 or 45 minutes. By doing this task, you will not miss any important meetings.

You have now resolved the eM Client calendar not working issue.

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