How To Fix Em Client Error 507?

Em Client Error 507

eM Client is one of the best email applications that is well suited for the Windows and Mac Operating Systems. There are times when eM Client stops functioning and will show certain error codes.

One such error code you will be facing is the EM Client Error 507. This error occurs when there is insufficient space. Although the system requirement for eM Client is just 350 MB of installation space, it has no limit set for the number of mails that can be stored in the inbox and sent folders put together. So if you are facing the Error 507, the problem is outside the application.

Now we will be listing out the troubleshooting methods to get rid of the eM Client 507 error.


  • Step : 1 Open the Run command on your computer (Windows key + R).
  • Step : 2 Enter cmd in the Run field and press the Enter button.
  • Step : 3 Enter the command line sfc /scannow and press the Enter button.

The system scan will begin. Hold on because the process will take some time to complete.



The eM Client error 507 can also be caused because of unwanted applications running in the background.

  • Step : 1 Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons and select the Task Manager option from the list.
  • Step : 2 You will then see all the applications running on your computer.
  • Step : 3Click on the application you want to close and then click the End Task button.
  • Step : 4Perform the same steps for the other applications and close all the apps.


  • Step : 1This method will fix the eM Client error 507 if your account has been configured using IMAP.
  • Step : 2
  • Step : 3 Launch eM Client and right-click on your email account from the left panel.
  • Step : 4 Choose the Properties option.
  • Step : 5Click on Repair and again click the Repair option.
  • Step : 6Now, the account folders will be resynchronized and the error will be fixed.
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