Em Client Gmail Settings

Em Client Gmail Settings

Need eM client Gmail settings? This article provides information on those settings.

eM Client offers complete control of your emails. It includes features like calendars, events, tasks, contacts, notes, and integrated chat. The user-friendly interface attracts more users towards it.

eM Client also supports email services, including Gmail, Outlook 365, Exchange, and iCloud. You can set up other email services on eM client automatically. It can import data from major email services, including Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.

When it comes to security, eM client takes it seriously. Unlike some other email services, eM client safeguards users’ data and doesn’t provide it to any other third party. And, it stores the data only on your local device (Windows or Mac). The data flows only through eM Client and a server, and it is encrypted. So, eM client ensures that there is no data leak.

Also, your passwords are encrypted and saved only locally. So, eM client doesn’t have access to the passwords.


eM Client can detect the settings provided by your email service provider using its Automatic account setup. Sometimes, the given settings might be outdated. This is where Manual setup comes to the rescue.

  • Step :1 Sign in to eM client.
  • Step :2 Navigate to Menu --> Accounts.
  • Navigate To Menu Accounts
  • Step :3 Select Mail.
  • Step :4 Choose Other.
  • Choose Other
  • Step :5 Now, enter the incoming and outgoing server settings given below.

Incoming server settings

  • Step :1Server Name: imap.gmail.com
  • Step :2Port: 993
  • Step :3Security: SSL
  • Step :4Username: Your Gmail username
  • Step :5Password: Your Gmail password

Outgoing server settings

  • Step :1Server Name: smtp.gmail.com
  • Step :2Port: 587
  • Step :3Security: TLS
  • Step :4Username: Enter Gmail username
  • Step :5Password: Enter Gmail password
  • Step :6Complete the rest of your on-screen instructions to finish the manual setup.
  • Step :7Save the settings and check if you can send and receive emails.
  • Step :8If you’re able to send and receive your emails successfully, it means the manual setup is done correctly.

We hope you got the exact eM client Gmail settings you were looking for. If you need any help setting up your email account, you can reach us.

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