Em Client License Manager

eM Client is a full-featured email client that supports email, contacts, calendars, and tasks and works on different platforms and devices. Its touch-friendly design makes eM Client the ideal messaging and collaboration tool for smartphones and tablets. It is simple, elegant, customizable, and easy to set up. It even helps users avoid scheduling conflicts when planning meetings and events.

eM Client has a tool called License Manager for managing licenses and settings for eM Client Pro customers. The em client license manager helps you to deactivate old unused licenses remotely and configure server settings like updates and signatures.

If you wish to know more about the license manager, then you have stepped into the right place.

Em Client License Manager

Why Was The New License Manager Introduced?

Maybe you have used the old License Manager that ran on Silverlight. But in recent browsers, Silverlight is not supported and it causes some issues with the users. The mere fact is people around the globe are using Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft. But Silverlight works only with Internet Explorer, which most of the users don't use because they prefer.

So after a long period of time, eM Client has developed the New License Manager.

How to use eM Client license manager?

You need not worry about eM Client‘s New License Manager because it has been developed in the way you use Silverlight, so there is no need to try any new method for Silverlight installation. Thus the eM License Manager helps you to configure server settings and many more for your convenience. You can easily log into License Manager using the credentials you received in your email.

If you still have any queries regarding em client license manager, call our support team to clarify your doubts.

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