Fix: EM Client Not Accepting Password

EM Client is one of the well-known email clients for Windows and Mac, but some users reported that em Client not accepting passwords.

Em Client Not Accepting Password

Here we have listed some common reasons why eM Client doesn’t accept passwords.

Check Caps Lock Enabled

The very common mistake that a user makes is keeping the Caps Lock turned on while entering the password. In most cases, the password is case-sensitive. If Caps Lock is turned on, then the eM Client will not accept the password.

Check The Password

Ensure the password typed is correct. If it is an incorrect password, then edit and enter the valid password. If you are unsure whether your account password is right or wrong, sign in to the email account from a web browser to verify the password.

Enable Two-Step Verification

Some email services provide the two-step verification feature, through which the mail account is protected with a passcode received on the mobile number registered with the email account. In this case, you will have to enter the passcode to authenticate your device to access your email account in eM Client.

Hacked Account

The email account that you added to eM Client can be hacked and the settings can be changed. When you cannot log in to the email account through web or an application, it can be due to external interference.

Look For Server Connection

If the email server is down, then eM Client will not accept the password. So wait patiently until the connection is restored and again try to log in to the account. 

Check SMTP 

Ensure you have entered the right security policies for your account. 

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Then in the POP3/IMAP and SMTP tabs 

check the following details:

Em Client Not Accepting Password


  • Port 587 - SSL/TLS
  • Port 25 - Use SSL/TLS 
  • Port 465 - Use SSL/TLS 


  • Port 993 - Use SSL/TLS 
  • Port 143 - Use SSL/TLS 


  • Port 995 - Use SSL/TLS 
  • Port 110 - Use SSL/TLS 

Re-add the Account

If eM Client is still not accepting your email password, you can remove the account and re-add it to eM Client. This will solve the EM Client Not Accepting Password issue.

However, if the issue is not fixed, call us for remote assistance.

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