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Nowadays, most people use more than one email account that requires managing each account, along with calendars, tasks, chats, and much more. Whether it is a personal account or a professional email account, the need for a unified interface to manage all those accounts has been increasing day by day. The eM Client app makes use of modern design to give a minimalistic and easy-to-sort interface. You can add IMAP and POP3 accounts, which include famous services such as Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, Microsoft 365, Gmail, etc. Let us see more in detail about the eM Client Yahoo Mail settings in the below segments.


  • Step : 1 Open eM Client on your computer.
  • Step : 2 Select Tools > Accounts from the menu bar.
  • Step : 3 Type in your email address and app password in the appropriate fields.
  • Step : 4 The email address should include your complete username and domain.
  • Step : 5 In the below segments, we have listed the imap and smtp settings for Yahoo Mail.
Em Client Yahoo Mail Settings

YAHOO MAIL IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) SETTINGS:

Enter the below Yahoo Mail IMAP settings in eM Client.

  • Step : 1 Yahoo Mail IMAP server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
  • Step : 2 IMAP port: 993
  • Step : 3 IMAP TLS/SSL: Yes
  • Step : 4 IMAP username: Type your complete Yahoo Mail address
  • Step : 5 IMAP password: Enter your Yahoo Mail password or app password

YAHOO MAIL SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) SETTINGS:

Enter the below Yahoo Mail SMTP settings.

  • Step : 1 Yahoo Mail SMTP server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  • Step : 2 SMTP port: 465 (if needed, try 587 as an alternative)
  • Step : 3 SMTP TLS/SSL: Yes
  • Step : 4 SMTP username: Enter your Yahoo Mail address
  • Step : 5 SMTP password: Type your Yahoo Mail password
  • Step : 6 Yahoo Mail also has support for POP (Post office Protocol).
  • Step : 7 But it is advised to avoid POP settings as it deletes messages from the server after they are downloaded to your email client. Whereas IMAP syncs all the messages with the server.
  • Step : 8 Make sure that you enable two-factor authentication while setting up the Yahoo account in eM Client.
  • Step : 9 Once everything is done, click Next and then click the Finish button.

We hope the above steps would have benefitted you in some sense. If you still have doubts regarding the eM Client Yahoo Mail settings, you can call us to solve your queries.

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