How Do I Fix Email Notification Not Working?

Email Notification Not Working

Is your email notification not working properly? By default, the notifications on your email app will be enabled. If it was changed or disabled, you probably might not get any notification on your device. 

Carry out these steps to fix the email notification problem on your Android device:

  • Step : 1 Turn on your cellular data and launch the email app on your Android mobile.
  • Step : 2 If you are using the Gmail  app, open it first.
  • Step : 3 Tap the Menu  icon at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Step : 4 Scroll down the page and select Settings  from the left-side panel.
  • Step : 5 On the next screen, select your account from which you aren’t getting the email notifications.
  • Step : 6 Next, scroll down the page and enable the Sync Gmail  checkbox.
  • Step : 7 Now, you will get notification from your Gmail account.
  • Step : 8 If the problem persists, relaunch the Gmail  app and select Settings.
  • Step : 9 Choose your account and go to the Notifications  section.
  • Step : 10 Tap the Notifications  button and choose your notification level.
  • Step : 11 Tap the Inbox notifications  button and enable all the checkboxes.
  • Step : 12 Now, the problem will be resolved.
  • Step : 13 Use this instructions to fix email notification not working.

Carry out these steps to fix the email notification problem on your iPhone:

  • Step : 1 Make sure that you have turned on the notifications for the Mail  app.
  • Step : 2 Ensure that you have set the default sounds and vibration settings.
  • Step : 3 Change the sound effect for the New Mail  notifications in Settings.
  • Step : 4 Also, unmute the email thread notifications.
  • Step : 5 In case you have enabled the low power mode on your iPhone, you will not receive any notifications.
  • Step : 6 Therefore, go to Settings  and select Battery.
  • Step : 7 Toggle off the Low Power Mode  button.
  • Step : 8 Check whether you have turned off the Push  button in the Password & Accounts  menu.
  • Step : 9 If it is turned off, toggle on the Push  button to get the notifications from the email accounts configured on your iPhone.
  • Step : 10 If the problem remains unsolved, remove and re-add your email accounts in the Mail app.
  • Step : 11 By using these steps to fix email notification not working.
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