The Best Exchange Email Client for Windows OS

Exchange Email Client for Windows

We all know that email clients allow us to access multiple email accounts in one place. Most of the email clients use protocols like IMAP, POP3, and SMTP to collect mail directly from a server to your device. At the same time, some email clients use cloud services that allow you to access your email account without using software or server. This blog explains the five best email client available for the Exchange email client for Windows OS.

  • Step : 1 Microsoft Outlook
  • Step : 2 Thunderbird
  • Step : 3 eM Client
  • Step : 4 Mailbird
  • Step : 5 Inky

Microsoft Outlook 

Around the world, 7 out of ten people choose the Microsoft Outlook email client. This is one of the most trusted email clients and it is available by default in Windows computers as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. The trial version of this email client is available only for some specific period. After the completion of the trial period, purchase the Microsoft Office license to continue using the Outlook email client. You can purchase Outlooks as the standalone Office 2016 or the subscription-based Office. A single user subscription starts at $7.99 per month or $79.99 for a full year. 


If you’re looking for a free, open-source email client for your Windows computer, then Mozilla Thunderbird would be the right choice. This email client is popular among private users and companies. Encryption is possible in this email client. You can also expand your email programs with the help of numerous add-ons.

eM Client

eM Client is best for both private and business use. This email client supports chat, contacts, and calendar. eM Client also supports almost all email services like Gmail, Yahoo,, and iCloud. Compared to other email clients, migrating email accounts and importing contacts or calendars information can be done easily in this email client. 


The Mailbird email client saves your time in managing multiple accounts. Private users can download this email client completely for free and companies have to pay some amount either as a one-time fee or an annual fee. This email client also comes with lots of built-in apps. You can transform this email client into a multi-functional platform by integrating your WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Calendar, Dropbox, or Slack account into this client.


If you are searching for an email client that can protect your email account from all kinds of threats, then you can prefer Inky email client. This email client uses sophisticated AI to ensure that your account’s information is protected. It also uses the machine learning concepts to keep your account safe. In short, Inky is built around security. A free trial version of Inky is also available for download. 

All the exchange email client for Windows operating system and can be used to configure Microsoft Exchange email. Not only these email clients, but there are also many other free and paid email clients that support Windows. Based on your desire, select the email client that you wish to use on your Windows computer.

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