Fix Issue Cannot Open Links In Gmail

Fix Issue Cannot Open Links In Gmail

If you cannot open links in Gmail, it signifies that your web browser is blocking communication with the Internet. However, you can fix the problem by resetting your web browser. Try out all the techniques listed in this article on Fix Issue Cannot Open Links in Gmail.

Restart Your Browser

  • Step :1Launch the Google Chrome web browser and then navigate to the Settings section. Then, reset privacy and security settings.
  • Step :2A simple restart can help you fix various technical glitches. If you are using Google Chrome, type “chrome://restart” in the address bar. Depending upon your browser, the URL will change. Once you input the above command, your browser shuts down and restarts.
  • Step :3Now, see if you can open the links in Gmail. If this doesn’t fix your problem, uninstall Chrome and reinstall it. Then, check if you can open links in Gmail.

Update Your Browser

  • Step :1If your browser is outdated, you cannot open links in Gmail. Therefore, update your web browser to the latest version and then check if the “cannot open links in Gmail” problem is rectified.
  • Step :2Sometimes, trying a different browser can also help you fix the problem with downloading the links. Clearing your browser’s history, cookies, and cache can help you handle this issue effectively.
  • Step :3In most instances, browser extensions and permissions can stop you from opening links in Gmail. So, make sure that you disable the problematic extensions.

Disable Proxy Server

  • Step :1A proxy server, being an entrance point between you and the Internet, can impact the functionality of other applications. In that case, you cannot open the links in Gmail due to security restrictions. However, you can quickly and easily resolve the problem by disabling the proxy server.
  • Step :2To disable the proxy server, click Start on your computer and type “internet options” in the search area.
  • Step :3When it shows you the search results, click on Internet Options.
  • Step :4Click the Connections tab and select LAN settings. Deselect the option named “Use a proxy server for your LAN.” Then, click on the OK button.
  • Step :5Now, see if you can open the links in Gmail.

Disable Firewall

  • Step : 1 A firewall can filter your computer’s incoming and outgoing network traffic at the gateway. Sometimes, it can also block you from opening links in Gmail. Therefore, temporarily disable your computer’s firewall and antivirus software and see if you can fix the issue.
  • Step : 2 To disable the firewall, open the Run box (Windows + R), type firewall.cpl, and click Enter.
  • Step : 3 In the Windows Firewall section, click the Customize Settings tab and choose the Turn off Windows Firewall option. Now, see if you can open the links in Gmail.

If you still cannot Fix Issue Cannot Open Links in Gmail, get in touch with our expert team for technical assistance. Use the call option provided on this page for the purpose.

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