How To Configure Frontier Email Settings iPhone?

AT&T provides an email service known as BellSouth to its users. BellSouth is a popular webmail service that can also be accessed from third-party email clients. Although the email service is smooth, users have been reporting issues. Continue reading to know more about Frontier Email Settings iPhone.

Frontier Email Settings Iphone

Frontier email server settings include the Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server details. You can configure your Frontier POP account and its SMTP settings with the below-mentioned details.

  • Incoming Mail Server (POP):
  • Incoming Mail Server Port: 995
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port: 465

The SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and it is responsible for sending emails from your Frontier account. POP stands for Post Office Protocol. It downloads only the header of your incoming emails from the email server. If you wish to set up your Frontier email on your iPhone, follow these steps.

  • Step : 1 First, check whether you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Step : 2 Next, touch the Settings icon on the home screen to launch the Settings app.
  • Step : 3 Tap the Accounts & password tab in the Settings window.
  • Step : 4 Tap on Add Account and select the Yahoo option from the list of email service providers displayed on the screen.
  • Step : 5 Enter your email address and password for the Frontier account and tap Next.
  • Step : 6 Now, your frontier account will be verified automatically by the Mail app on your iPhone.
  • Step : 7 If you wish to configure the Frontier email server settings email manually, open the Settings app.
  • Step : 8 Tap on Accounts & password and select the Add Accounts option underneath Accounts.
  • Step : 9 From the list of email service providers displayed on the screen, tap the Other button.
  • Step : 10 Fill up the Name, Email, Password, and Description fields with your account details.
  • Step : 11 Next, select POP as your account type.
  • Step : 12 In the Incoming mail server section, enter ‘’ in the Mail server hostname field.
  • Step : 13 Enter your Frontier email address in the User Name field.
  • Step : 14 Enter the correct password of your Frontier email in the Password field.
  • Step : 15 In the Outgoing mail server section, enter ‘’ in the Hostname field.
  • Step : 16 Enter your Frontier email address and password in the User name and Password fields.
  • Step : 17 Tap the Next button and select Save.
  • Step : 18 Select your Frontier email account and select SMTP in the Outgoing Mail Server section.
  • Step : 19 Choose ‘ as the primary server and enter ‘465’ in the Server Port field.
  • Step : 20 Select SSL for the encrypted connection.
  • Step : 21 Tap the Done button and select the Account option to return to the previous screen.
  • Step : 22 Tap the Advanced tab and select SSL.
  • Step : 23 Enter ‘’ in the Server Port field.
  • Step : 24 Tap Next and wait until the account is verified.
  • Step : 25 Once verified, restart your iPhone.
  • Step : 26 Now, you can access your Frontier email settings iPhone.
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