How To Fix Gmail Error Code 8144?

Gmail Error Code 8144

If you receive the Gmail error code 8144 while logging in to your account or sending an email, it means that the Gmail connection has temporarily failed. The various reasons causing the error are old browser app, old Gmail extension, malware attack, and third-party security settings. It is a common error most users face, so you need to use the basic troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Solution-1: Update the browser

  • Step : 1To check if you are using an older version of Google Chrome, first, open it.
  • Step : 2Click the More icon (three dots) at the top-right corner and then check the update icon's color.
  • Step : 3If you see red and orange colors, you have to update the browser.
  • Step : 4Now, select the Update Google Chrome menu.
  • Step : 5Once the updation is done, close the browser and relaunch it.

Solution-2: Remove the old extension

  • Step : 1If you are accessing the Gmail account using an old extension, remove it and create a new extension.
  • Step : 2In the Google Chrome window, click the More icon and select More tools.
  • Step : 3Following that, choose Extensions to view all the extensions saved on Chrome.
  • Step : 4Search for the old Gmail extension, click the More icon beside it, then select Remove.
  • Step : 5Next, confirm to remove the extension. Add the new extension and start using it.

Solution-3: Try other device and browser

  • Step : 1Sometimes, the browser may not support the Gmail service, so try to access your Gmail account from another browser. 
  • Step : 2Next, log in to the Gmail account from any other computer or mobile phone and see if the same error occurs.
  • Step : 3If the error doesn’t pop up, the issue is with the device.
  • Step : 4If you are using a Windows computer, run the inbuilt troubleshooter.
  • Step : 5Restart your device and check if the issue has been resolved.

Solution-4: Disable the security settings

  • Step : 1The third-party security software on the computer can block the Gmail service, so turn off the security settings.
  • Step : 2Access the main interface of the security program and navigate to the settings menu.
  • Step : 3Disable the antivirus software temporarily and try logging in to the Gmail account again.
  • Step : 4By using above these steps to fix Gmail error code 8144.
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