How To Fix Gmx Error 554?

Gmx Error 554

GMX (Global Mail eXchange) is a free email service that allows you to add your email accounts to desktop email clients via POP3 or IMAP. If you have added your GMX email to Outlook and are getting error 554 while sending emails, there might be issues with the outgoing mail server. Usually, the GMX users get the error 554 when the email bounces back. It may occur if you have entered the recipient's email address incorrectly. To fix this Gmx Error 554, resend the email to your recipient correctly. If there is a problem with the outgoing mail server settings, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  • Step : 1 If you have closed Microsoft Outlook 2010, relaunch it by double-clicking its shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Step : 2 In the Outlook main window, head to the top-left corner and click the Tools menu.
  • Step : 3 Select the Email Accounts option and ensure that the View or change existing email accounts option has been selected.
  • Step : 4 Click Next and choose your email account from the displayed list.
  • Step : 5 Click Change to modify the mail server settings.
  • Step : 6 If you are using Outlook 2016/2019, click the File menu and select the Info option from the left-side panel.
  • Step : 7 Click on Account Settings and go to the Email tab.
  • Step : 8 Choose your email account, click the Change button to modify the server settings, and fix the GMX error 554.
  • Step : 9 You can also click Repair to see your account details.
  • Step : 10 Next, check whether you have entered in the Outgoing mail server field.
  • Step : 11 Verify that the email address and password are correct below Logon Information.
  • Step : 12 Click on More Settings at the bottom-right corner to open the Internet Email Settings window.
  • Step : 13 Head to the Outgoing Server tab and ensure that the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication checkbox has been selected.
  • Step : 14 Also, check if the Use same settings as my incoming mail server option has been selected.
  • Step : 15 Click OK -> Next -> Finish.
  • Step : 16 Restart Outlook and send a test email from your GMX email account.
  • Step : 17 Now, the GMX error 554 should be resolved.
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