GoDaddy email sending but not receiving

If your GoDaddy email is sending emails but not receiving anything, there might be issues with the email settings, spam filter, Internet connection, DNS settings, or email routing. You should identify the actual cause of the email issue and bring your GoDaddy email back to normal. To help you with that, we have given a few troubleshooting steps below. Go through the steps and solve your GoDaddy email issues.

GoDaddy email sending but not receiving

Solution 1: Basic troubleshooting

  • Step : 1 First, check if the Internet connection is stable on your computer.
  • Step : 2 Make sure that no antivirus software is blocking your email client on your computer.
  • Step : 3 If you are accessing your GoDaddy email from the web browser, try to clear the cookies and caches from your web browser.
  • Step : 4 If necessary, reset your email account password.
  • Step : 5 If your GoDaddy email is still not receiving emails, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Check your DNS settings

  • Step : 1 Go to your Email & Office dashboard and click Manage next to your account in the Users section.
  • Step : 2 Click Recheck DNS below Setup.
  • Step : 3 Select the Recheck DNS option and check the DNS settings.
  • Step : 4 If you find any issues with your DNS, update your MX records.
  • Step : 5 To check the MX records, log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Step : 6 Choose your domain to get into the Domains Settings page.
  • Step : 7 Choose Manage DNS below Additional Settings.
  • Step : 8 On the DNS Management page, click the Edit icon next to the MX record and edit the required details.
  • Step : 9 Remember to click Save before logging out from the DNS Management page.

Solution 3: Configure Email Routing

This method is applicable if you are using cPanel web hosting.

  • Step : 1 First, log in to your GoDaddy email account.
  • Step : 2 Click the My Products tab and go to the Web Hosting section.
  • Step : 3 Click the Manage button next to the cPanel web hosting.
  • Step : 4 On the next screen, click the cPanel Admin button at the top-right corner.
  • Step : 5 On the cPanel home page, go to the Email section and click Email Routing.
  • Step : 6 Under the Configure Email Routing section, select the Local Mail Exchanger option and click Change.

The above troubleshooting methods should fix the GoDaddy email that is sending emails but not receiving any of them.

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