How To Fix Email Error Code 17099

Fix Email Error Code 17099

On this page, you will get to learn how to fix email error code 17099.

The Outlook email client is one of the most trusted and widely used email clients worldwide. It has great features and allows you to set up/access multiple email accounts simultaneously. This email client is designed for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Setting up an account and accessing it is pretty easy in Outlook. However, some macOS users have reported receiving the email error 17099 when using Outlook for Mac. If you’re also one among them, read this article completely to know all the possible workarounds to rectify this error.

Email Error Code 17099

In most cases, a poor or unstable internet connection will be the main reason behind the email error codes. So, before performing the advanced methods, check to ensure that the device (on which you’re using the Outlook app) is connected to a stable internet connection.

If the connection is good, but still the problem persists, try the advanced solutions to fix the email error code 17099.

You might receive the email error code 17099 under the following conditions:

  • Step : 1 During Outlook’s SMTP server transient error.
  • Step : 2 The SMTP server settings are misconfigured in Outlook.
  • Step : 3 You’re trying to send an email message to more than 50 users at a time.

Keeping in mind the above factors, let’s see how to fix this email error.

3 Methods To Fix Error Code 17099

Three solutions that will help you clear the email error code 17099 are discussed below.

Perform each solution one by one. After performing each solution, check if the error code is cleared. If not, try the next solution.

Rebuild The Outlook Database

  • Step :1Close all the apps on your Mac computer.
  • Step :2Open the Applications folder.
  • Step :3Locate and click on the Microsoft Office app.
  • Step :4Select the Database Utility option followed by Database.
  • Step :5Now, the Microsoft Database Utility dialog box will open.
  • Step :6Click on the Rebuild button in the opened dialog box.
  • Click The Rebuild Button

Correct The Smtp Settings

  • Step :1Open the Outlook for Mac app on your computer.
  • Step :2Click File > Info.
  • Step :3Locate the Account Settings menu below the Add Account option and click on the down arrow beside it.
  • Step :4Choose the Account Settings option.
  • Step :5Select your account in the opened window
  • Select Your Account In Opened Window
  • Step :6Click on the Settings tab.
  • Step :7Check if the settings are configured correctly. If not, return to the Account Settings window.
  • Step :8Click on the Change button to modify the settings.

Contact The Mail Provider

If you encounter the email error code 17099 when trying to send an email message to more than 50 users, contact your mail provider and request them to increase the recipients per message.

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