How To Activate Em Client License?

How To Activate Em Client License

eM client is one of the most commonly used email applications and it is well suited for both Windows and Mac operating systems alike. You can add any email account to eM Client with proper email settings. eM client is also equipped with calendars, instant messaging, contacts, and notes.

When it comes to licensing for eM clients, you can activate it easily with the activation code. You can also avail a license for free accounts. There are three categories of eM Client license and they are:

  • Free (For individual accounts): You can have only 2 email accounts and only one device can be connected. The download is free.
  • Pro (For individual accounts): You can have a maximum of 10 devices connected and unlimited email accounts.
  • Pro (For Companies): You can have a maximum of 10 devices with unlimited email accounts.
  • Before you see the steps on how to activate eM Client license, you need to purchase the license.


  • Step : 1Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Step : 2Go to eM Client’s free license page.
  • Step : 3To get a free license, enter the name and the email address in the respective fields.
  • Step : 4Select the country from the drop-down list.
  • Step : 5Click the checkbox for the I have read and agree to terms of use and privacy policy option. 
  • Step : 6Click the Get Free License button.
  • Step : 7You will get the eM Client license activation key on your email address.


  • Step : 1Open your email account and copy the license key.
  • Step : 2Use the activation key in the same window and you will have the eM client activated.

If you are still in a bother on how to activate the eM Client license, you can click on the Call button on the screen. Our technical support team will assist you in the activation.

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