How To Block An Email Address On Iphone?

You are about to learn, how to block an email address on iPhone device.Blocking an email address is usually moving more Mails from your inbox folder to the junk Mail or Trash folder. Blocking an email can ease up on freeing the memory in your email application. If you are using the Gmail application, you can delete an email from the Gmail app on your phone. But for the other email providers, you have to have web access on your computer. You can request for a desktop website in the safari application on your iPhone device.

Study about how to block an email address on iphone device.

how to block an email address on iphone

If your provider is Gmail, 

  • Step : 1 Launch your iPhone device.
  • Step : 2 Ensure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Step : 3 Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for Gmail application in the search bar.
  • Step : 4 Once the app is downloaded, you can see the Gmail application on the home screen
  • Step : 5 Tap the application and log in to your account using the Gmail login credentials.
  • Step : 6 Now, you can select a mail from your inbox and open the Mail.
  • Step : 7 Once the Mail opens, you will see a three-dotted option on the right side of the screen next to the Reply button.
  • Step : 8 The three-dotted button opens to several other options.
  • Step : 9 You will see:
    • Reply
    • Forward
    • Print
    • Block 
    • Cancel
  • Step : 10 Tap on the Block button.
  • Step : 11 The block button sends the user to the blocked list.
  • Step : 12 That is also a way of deleting email on your iPhone. (only applicable for Gmail application)
  • Step : 13 By using these steps that we can execute that how to block an email address on iphone.

Using iCloud Mail

  • Step : 1 Open your iPhone device.
  • Step : 2 Launch the iPhone’s default browser, Safari.
  • Step : 3 Enter the iCloud website in the address bar.
  • Step : 4 Near the address bar, you will see an arrow going upwards.
  • Step : 5 Tap the arrow to select the option Request Desktop Site.
  • Step : 6 You will see a desktop icon right after pressing the option.
  • Step : 7 If you are not logged on, you can log in to the apple id and password to gain access.
  • Step : 8 On the bottom-left corner of the screen, you will see the settings icon.
  • Step : 9 Press the settings option and select the option Rules.
  • Step : 10 Tap on the Add a new rule button.
  • Step : 11 Performing the action will open a new window.
  • Step : 12 You will see three drop-down options and an open field.
  • Step : 13 In the first drop-down, select the option is from, and in the field, enter the email address you want to stop receiving emails from.
  • Step : 14 In the Then field, select the option Move to the folder from the drop-down list.
  • Step : 15 From the drop-down list, select the option that reads Move To Trash And Mark As Read.
  • Step : 16 Press the Done button to save changes.
  • Step : 17 Using these steps that how to block an email address on iphone device.

Yahoo! Mail

  • Step : 1 Launch your iPhone device.
  • Step : 2 Open the iPhone default web browser Safari
  • Step : 3 Enter the Yahoo website in the address bar of the safari browser.
  • Step : 4 Click on the icon that shows the arrow pointing upwards.
  • Step : 5 The option will prompt two options.
  • Step : 6 Click on the option that reads Request Desktop Website.
  • Step : 7 The browser will now open Yahoo! on the desktop version.
  • Step : 8 Locate and click on the Settings icon.
  • Step : 9 At the bottom-right corner of your iPhone device, click on the option More Settings...
  • Step : 10 The More Settings will show you a list of options, select the option that reads Security and Privacy.
  • Step : 11 You will find the Blocked addresses list beside which you need to click on the Add + button.
  • Step : 12 The Yahoo! will now open the window Add An Email Address To Block, enter the email address and click the Save button.

The options are almost similar for other email clients like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. All you have to perform at first is to click on the option Request Desktop Website. 

Follow either of the methods given above that how to block an email address on iphone

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