How To Change Font Size In Gmail?

How To Change Font Size In Gmail

Are you not able to read your Gmail messages clearly as the font size is too small? Changing the font size will help you to get a clear view of your email messages. Google usually keeps the font size as normal, which is 10-point size. Proceed with the steps that are given below how to change font size in Gmail.

Method 1:

  • Step : 1 Launch your browser and enter the official Gmail address.
  • Step : 2 Log in to your Gmail account using the username and password. Then, click on the Sign In button.
  • Step : 3 Once you are logged in to your Gmail account, click on the More icon on the top-right corner of the screen below the address bar.
  • Step : 4 Select the Zoom option and click on the “+” icon to enlarge the size. 
  • Step : 5 If you want to decrease the size, click on the “-“ icon to view the reduced size of fonts.

Method 2:

  • Step : 1 Click the Settings icon and select the Cosy or Comfortable option from the displayed list.
  • Step : 2 Do you want a larger font size? Then, select the Comfortable (on larger displays) option.
  • Step : 3 Otherwise, click on the Gear-wheel icon and select Settings.
  • Step : 4 Navigate to the Default Text Style section under the General tab and click the Size icon.
  • Step : 5 Choose the font size and required font you want from the drop-down list. Then, click on the Save Changes button.
  • Step : 6 You can view the sample of text in the Default text style section.
  • Step : 7 For extra-large fonts, select the Huge option. Otherwise, select Large or Normal by comparing the size.

Method 3:

  • Step : 1 Go to the Settings section on your browser.
  • Step : 2 Navigate to Advanced Settings and select the required size in the font size section.
  • Step : 3 Choose the Very Large option to view a larger size font.
  • Step : 4 If you want a smaller font size, select the Small or Very Small option from the displayed list.
  • Step : 5 Now, the font size of Gmail will be changed.
  • Step : 6 By using these steps we can execute that how to change font size in gmail.
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