How To Change Mail Sync Settings

Change Mail Sync Settings

Not receiving new emails? Is your email account not syncing? Then, the problem might be with the sync settings configured on your Mail account. To fix this problem, How To Change Mail Sync Settings.

We have shown how to change the Mail Sync settings in the Windows 10 Mail app on this page.

Change Mail Sync Settings: Windows 10 Mail

Things to check

  • Step : 1 Before you start, check if your computer’s OS is up-to-date. If not, update it.
  • Step : 2 To do so, open the Settings app screen on your computer.
  • Step : 3 Select the Update & Security option.
  • Step : 4 Single-click on "Check for updates" if it is displayed on the screen.
  • Click On Check For Updates
  • Step : 5 Wait for the OS update to complete.
  • Step : 6 Once it is done, you can customize the sync settings as per your needs.
  • Step : 7 However, before you customize the settings, force the app to sync. You can do this task by clicking the Sync button available on the Mail app screen.
  • Step : 8 Open the Windows 10 Mail app if it is closed.
  • Step : 9 Locate the Sync button and click on it.

Now, let’s see how to change the Mail sync settings in the Windows 10 Mail app in detail.

Customizing the sync settings

  • Step :1Make sure that the Windows 10 Mail app is opened.
  • Step :2Locate the Settings option (which looks like a gear icon) at the bottom of the app screen and click on it.
  • Step :3Choose the Accounts option under the Settings list.
  • Step :4Choose the account (for example, Gmail, Outlook, etc.) for which you want to customize the sync settings under the Accounts section.
  • Step :5Now, the account settings dialog box of the selected account will open.
  • Step :6For example, if you have chosen the Outlook account, the dialog box titled “Outlook account settings” will open.
  • Step :7Click on the Change mailbox sync settings option in the opened dialog box.
  • Step :8Now, the dialog box allowing you to change the mail sync settings of your account will open.
  • Step :9Customize the settings as per your preferences.
  • Step :10Finally, click the Done button.
  • Click The Done Button

This is How To Change Mail Sync Settings in Windows 10. Contact us now if you need real-time assistance in changing the Mail sync settings in Windows 10. Go ahead and use the Call button on this page to reach us.

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