How To Check Spam Mail In Outlook?

How To Check Spam Mail In Outlook

In MS Outlook, the emails that have been considered spam with 100% surety will be discarded by default. These emails will not reach your Outlook mailbox. The emails that come out successfully after the spam checks, but are actually spam (in reality) will be marked with the ***SPAM*** header. They finally end up in the Spam or Junk folder. You can access your Junk folder using a supported Outlook and how to check spam mail in outlook on your mobile device, PC, or Mac.

MS Outlook contains effective tools for controlling incoming emails at the Junk level.

There is a minute difference between spam and junk emails. The junk emails will usually be targeted at unknown recipients. But, when you receive spam emails, you might know who the sender is, but would not want to receive emails (probably advertising) from that person.

If you need to access Spam in Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Step : 1 On your computer or laptop, navigate to the Mail menu.
  • Step : 2 Click the Spam folder. You will usually find this folder on the left side of your page.
  • Step : 3 Now, your Spam folder will open.
  • Step : 4 It will show you a list of email messages that have been designated as spam.
  • Step : 5 Any spam email in Outlook usually has a ***SPAM*** tag attached to its Subject line.
  • Step : 6 Since the spammers keep on developing new techniques to send spam messages to their recipients, it is possible for the recipients to overlook these spam messages.
  • Step : 7 Sometimes, it is also possible to classify legitimate messages under the Spam category.
  • Step : 8 If you find that a particular email is not spam or junk, you can drag and drop it in your Inbox or any other folder of your choice.
  • Step : 9 By using these steps we can exceute that how to check spam mail in outlook.

We have now discussed how to check spam emails in Outlook.

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