How To Create Multiple Yahoo Email Accounts?

How To Create Multiple Yahoo Email Accounts

Yahoo Mail allows its user to know how to create multiple Yahoo email accounts quickly. Setting up an extra or second email account will help you distinguish your personal and business mail and reduce mail overflow in the inbox.

You can set up multiple accounts by using the Yahoo Email Alias. You can create a new Yahoo email account with a unique Yahoo mail address under a Yahoo main account. It helps to identify your business and personal mail accounts. Your Yahoo main account will automatically receive the messages sent to your Yahoo email alias.

Here are the steps to create multiple Yahoo email accounts.

  • Step : 1Open a web browser and log in to your Yahoo mail account using your email address and password.
  • Step : 2Find and select the Settings option at the top right corner of the page.
  • Step : 3Click on to More Settings and Select the Mailboxes option.
  • Step : 4You'll find an Add button under the Email Alias dialog box.
  • Step : 5Select the Add button, then in the Create a new Yahoo Mail Address field, enter just the name of your new email ID and hit on the Set Up button.
  • Step : 6Enter the required details after creating the email alias account.
  • Step : 7On the Reply-to-address field, choose either the email alias or the Yahoo main account.
  • Step : 8Click Finish and complete the process.
  • Step : 9In the Email alias section, select the Add button under the Send-only email addresses option to create additional email addresses.
  • Step : 10To delete the email alias account, navigate to the Mailboxes and click on the expand icon next to the Email Alias option.
  • Step : 11Select and confirm Remove alias.

And, by following the steps, you have successfully now see how to create multiple Yahoo email accounts.

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