How To Fix Protonmail Issues?

How To Fix Protonmail Issues

Protonmail has some common login problems and to learn how to fix protonmail issues, follow the solutions given below.

Password Managers: The most common issue in ProtonMail is Password Managers, which doesn't support Protonmail service when you have two password mode. To fix this issue, disable ProtonMail and enter the password manually. 

Choose Another Browser: Sometimes, the issue occurs due to a problem in your web browser. So, check if your browser has been updated to the latest version. If it is already in the newest version, launch another browser and check whether the log in issue is solved. In case you are using Internet Explorer versions before 11 and Safari versions before 6, then you cannot login as they don’t support ProtonMail‘s encryption standard. The list given below is the ProtonMail officially supported web browsers and their newer versions.

  • 1. Firefox: 34
  • 2. Chrome: 31
  • 3. Safari: 7.1
  • 4. Opera: 26
  • 5. iOS Safari: 7.1
  • 6. Android Browser: 4.1
  • 7. Chrome for Android: 40

Uncheck Private Mode: The Safari browser is set to Private mode by default on some devices.  ProtonMail never works with Safari's Private mode as certain browser features are disabled in the private mode.

Remove Cache and Restart Browser: Due to a corrupt browser cache, you might be facing login problems. If your browser is corrupted, clear the browser's cache and restart the browser. The steps to clear the browser cache on various browsers are as follows.

For Chrome:

  • Step : 1 Open Menu and select Settings.
  • Step : 2 Click Show advanced settings.
  • Step : 3 Under the Privacy heading, select Clear browsing data.
  • Step : 4 Select Clear Browsing data to clear all cache.

For Firefox:

  • Step : 1 Open Menu and select Preferences.
  • Step : 2 In the Privacy tab, under the History section, select clear your recent history.
  • Step : 3 Click on the checkboxes before Cookies and Cache. 
  • Step : 4 Choose Clear Now.

Browser Extensions: Still, if you have the login problem, then try to login using the incognito mode in your browser. If you are able to login now, then uninstall the extensions from your browser and see if the login issue is fixed.

Use an Older Version of ProtonMail: If nothing works, then try to use an older version of ProtonMail. The older version still works and is simple to handle. The old version of ProtonMail can be accessed from  

If you have no idea about how to fix protonmail issues, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.

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