Recall is one of the fascinating features of Zoho email. When you recall an email, it will be retrieved from the recipient’s inbox. If you haven’t enabled the Undo send or Outbox delay options, you can make use of the Recall feature as a last resort. With Zoho’s recall feature, you can retrieve the sent message from the recipient’s inbox within thirty minutes of sending that email. This article can guide you through the whole process of recalling emails in Zoho.

 How To Recall An Email In Zoho

Recall an email in Zoho

Recalling an email is one of the best features that can help us when we send the wrong email to the wrong recipient. Follow the instructions below to recall the email you have already sent:

  • Step : 1Log in to your Zoho mail account.
  • Step : 2Navigate to the Sent folder and click the Mail Delivery Status (MDS) icon.
  • Step : 3When the Mail Delivery window pops up, click the Recall this email button.
  • Step : 4When a confirmation message appears, click OK.
  • Step : 5Once you have opted to recall the email, you will receive a response message. With that message, you can decide whether the recall was a success or not. If that email was recalled successfully, your recipient would receive an email indicating that the sender has recalled his email. From then on, that specific message will be displayed with the Recalled tag.

There are instances when the Recall option cannot work. Here, we have listed those instances:

  • Step : 1The recall option doesn’t work when the recipient is not within your organization.
  • Step : 2If the email you have tried to recall has already been shared or a part of the mail was shared, you cannot recall your email.
  • Step : 3As previously mentioned, you cannot recall an email that has crossed 30 minutes.
  • Step : 4Emails that work with POP as an incoming mail server cannot be fetched back.

In this manner, you can recall an email in Zoho. If you have any other queries, get back to us for remote assistance.

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