Oops!! Sent a wrong email message?

Sending an email message to an incorrect address or mailing a wrong email message to your favorite person is a very common thing. The best thing is that you can recall the sent email message if you wish. 

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YES!!! Recalling is an awesome feature offered by many email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc. This feature allows you to delete the wrong email message from the recipient’s Inbox. 

For example, assume that you have sent a wrong email message from your Gmail account to one of your recipients. Now, open the Sent folder on your Google account. Select the incorrect message that you want to recall or recall and replace. After selecting the message, click the Action button and select the Recall this message or Recall and Replace this message option. 

Now, if you have selected the Recall this message option, the sent message is deleted from the recipient’s folder. Similarly, if you have selected the Recall and Replace this message option, the sent message will be recalled, and a window allowing you to create a replacement message will open. Type the message in the given field and click Send.

In some cases, the Recall feature works only with the message(s) that are not read by the recipient.

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When you try to recall the read email message from the recipient’s Inbox, the recipient will receive a notification saying that he/she “needs to delete this message.”

Once the recipient confirms the deletion process, the email is recalled and deleted from the recipient’s Inbox folder.

Unfortunately, the Recall feature is not available in some of the web-based email service providers like Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, etc. 


YES!!! The Recall feature is not available in Hotmail. So, when you send a wrong email message, the only thing you can do is to compose and send a new email message asking your recipient to ignore the previous mail. 

Although you can’t recall an email in Hotmail, you can stop sending the wrong message within a few seconds after you click Send. As soon as you click Send, the Undo button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can just click on it to unsend the composed email in Hotmail. However, this button appears and disappears within a second. 


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