How to Recall Mail in Thunderbird?

Mozilla has an open-source and cross-platform email client called Thunderbird. Thunderbird is considered a favorite for most small businesses. The Thunderbird application has been quite impressive ever since its launch.


Recalling an email is actually a ‘blessing in disguise’ feature in an email client. 

Imagine a situation when you are writing an email to your boss, manager, or co-workers. It is possible that you might accidentally hit the Send button (by mistake) without attaching any mail or completing the email. 

The email recall feature can be useful to get a wrongly sent email back, and it doesn’t shed a bad image on the sender. It is one of the best features in case you need it in an emergency like the example given above. The message sent from the sender can be retrieved from the recipient’s mailbox, and then you can send a replacement message in the form of a new one.

There are some email clients like Gmail and Outlook that support the recall feature. Unfortunately, Thunderbird does not actually have a recall feature. However, there are other features like time-delay where you can delay the sending of a particular email to the recipient. It is not precise like recalling the email from the recipient once sent.

The simplest method that can be done and something that’s quite similar to recalling the email is the ‘Offline’ mode. Once you have configured Mozilla Thunderbird to Offline mode, the composed mail won’t be sent to the recipient. Instead, the mail will be saved locally (until you decide to go online or click the Get Messages button).

So, it’s unfortunate to say that you cannot recall an email in Thunderbird. You can opt for other email clients like Outlook that offer such features.

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