How To Recover Missing Emails In Outlook?

How To Recover Missing Emails In Outlook

Some of the add-ons in the Mozilla Firefox browser might prevent your inbox from loading email messages. So, it is better to disable or remove them. If email messages are not loaded in the Outlook’s Inbox folder, carry out the steps how to recover missing emails in outlook are provided below.

Junk Email folder

  • Step : 1A few of the email messages might be marked as junk by other email clients.
  • Step : 2Navigate to the Junk Email folder and search for the missing email message.
  • Step : 3If it is present in this folder, select it and click the Not Junk option twice.

Other folder

  • Step : 1Search for your missing email message in other folders.
  • Step : 2If you find the email message, select it and click the Move option followed by the ‘Move to Focused inbox’ option.

Deleted Items

  • Step : 1Also, you might have deleted the email message accidentally. In this scenario, the deleted email message will be in the Deleted Items folder for 30 days.
  • Step : 2Go to the Deleted Items folder.
  • Step : 3Find your email message, select it, and click the Restore option.
  • Step : 4Note: After 30 days, the email messages will be deleted in the Deleted Items folder. Still, you can recover them by selecting the ‘Recover items deleted from this folder’ option.

Filter menu

  • Step : 1Sometimes, filtering your email message list might not help in finding the missing email. In such scenarios, you need to change your filtering options.
  • Step : 2To do this, select the Filter option above the email message list and click All.


  • Step : 1If you have created an Inbox rule already, navigate to the Rule settings and check them.
  • Step : 2The rules that you have created might have moved your email from the Inbox folder to some other folder.
  • Step : 3If needed, edit or delete the rules.

Archive folder

  • Step : 1Check if the missed email message is archived.
  • Step : 2If so, select the email and click the ‘Move to’ option followed by the Inbox option.
  • Step : 3If you have any doubts regarding how to recover missing emails in outlook, click the Call button to contact our technical experts.
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