How to set up POP3 on Windows Live Mail?

How to set up POP3 on Windows Live Mail

The Windows Live Mail email client supports pretty almost all the email serves. You can set up your email accounts either automatically or manually. In case your email service provider is not recognized by Live Mail, then you have to set up your email account manually, either using the incoming and outgoing server settings. SMTP is the outgoing mail server and for the incoming mail server, your choose either IMAP or POP. So, before you proceed to set up your email account in Windows Live Mail, gather the required details.

Here we shall see the steps on how to set up POP3 on Windows Live Mail.

  • Step : 1 Open Windows Live Mail on your computer and click the File menu.
  • Step : 2 Move down to Options and click it followed by Email accounts.
  • Step : 3 In the Account dialog window, click the Add button.
  • Step : 4 Now, you will see the Add an account dialog window. Here click the Email Account option and click Next.
  • Step : 5 In the next window, you have to enter your email account information.
  • Step : 6 Email address: Make sure to enter your full email address with the domain name.
  • Step : 7 Password: In this field, enter your email account password.
  • Step : 8 If required, enable the Remember this password checkbox.
  • Step : 9 Enter a display name for your email account.
  • Step : 10 Make sure to enable the Manually configure server settings checkbox.
  • Step : 11 Click the Next button and go to the Configure server settings page.
  • Step : 12 Under the Incoming server information section, in the Server type drop-down menu, choose POP.
  • Step : 13 In the Server address field, enter your POP email server address and enter the port number in the Port field.
  • Step : 14 In the Authenticate using drop-down menu, choose Clear text.
  • Step : 15 Enter your full email address in the Logon user name field.
  • Step : 16 Now, go the Outgoing server information section and enter the outgoing server name in the Server address field. Then enter the SMTP port number in the Port field.

Enable the checkbox beside the following option:

  • Step : 1 Requires a secure connection (SSL)
  • Step : 2 Requires authentication
  • Step : 3 Now click Next > Finish > Close.
  • Step : 4 You have now successfully see how to set up POP3 on Windows Live Mail.
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