How To Transfer Contacts From Iphone To Gmail?

Here how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail. To import your iPhone contacts into Gmail, please follow the steps provided here:

How To Transfer Contacts From Iphone To Gmail

Important Note: The following instructions will apply to iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 10.3.3.

  • Step : 1 First, on your iPhone, tap the Settings icon.
  • Step : 2 When you are inside Settings, go to the top of your iPhone screen and tap on your Apple account.
  • Step : 3 On the screen that appears next, tap the iCloud option for entering the iCloud settings.
  • Step : 4 Now, ensure that the slider next to the Contacts option is green. Green indicates that the Contacts feature is enabled. This also confirms that your iCloud account is synced with the iPhone.
  • Step : 5 Now, you have to navigate to and then type in your Apple ID and Password. Next, click the sign-in arrow.
  • Step : 6 On the iCloud screen, select the Contacts icon. Now, choose any contact. You can also perform the following steps if you wish to choose all of your contacts:
  • Step : 7 On a PC, press Ctrl+A.
  • Step : 8 On a Mac, press CMD+A.
  • Step : 9 Next, in the lower-left corner of your screen, click the Settings icon (also known as the Gear icon).
  • Step : 10 Now, choose the Select Export vCard option. This action will make a .vcf file to download.
  • Step : 11 Open your Gmail Contacts. In case Google takes you to the Material Design version, choose the Go to the old version option from the right menu.
  • Step : 12 Now, from the left menu, select the Import Contacts option.
  • Step : 13 Next, on the Import Contacts screen, click on the Choose File button.
  • Step : 14 Choose the file that you have downloaded from iCloud and click on the Open button. You can see this file within the Downloads folder on a PC or Mac.
  • Step : 15 On the screen that appears next, click on the Import button. This action will transfer your contacts into Gmail.
  • Step : 16 Uploading of your contacts will happen now. After some moments, you will be able to view all your contacts in Gmail’s address book.
  • Step : 17 You have now successfully imported contacts from your iPhone into Gmail.

We have now discussed the steps how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail.

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