How To Undo Email In Gmail?

How To Undo Email In Gmail

On Gmail, if the email sent has an incorrect message or has an incorrect recipient address, you can fix the problem with the undo sent email feature, which you can use to recall the wrong email. You can access the undo sending email facility within 30 seconds after you send the email. After 30 seconds, it is not possible to recall any of the emails. Read the following steps how to undo email in Gmail account.

Undo the email:

  • Step : 1 Sign in to the Gmail account from the web browser.
  • Step : 2 When the page opens up, click the Compose button at the upper-left corner to create an email.
  • Step : 3 Input the recipient address in the To field, and if you want to include the Bcc and Cc for the email, enter the address in the corresponding fields.
  • Step : 4 Type the subject and message; after that, if you need to include a file, then attach the document.
  • Step : 5 Finally, select the Send button.
  • Step : 6 Once you start sending the email, the Undo message appears along with the other email messages such as ‘Message sent’ and ‘View message’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step : 7 Click the Undo option within 30 seconds to undo the sending email.

Set the time to undo email:

  • Step : 1 You can control the time limit to recall a sent email on Gmail. Use the procedure below to set the time limit.
  • Step : 2 After you sign in to the Gmail account from the browser, click the gear icon at the upper-right end.
  • Step : 3 Following that, choose Settings, then go to the Undo Send section, and choose any of the time limits from the options 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds.
  • Step : 4 In case you are accessing the Gmail account from the mobile app, it also follows the same steps how to undo email in gmail account.
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